SHINee's Choi Minho is gushing about his silver screen debut in Grandmother Gye Choon! The star is getting ready to promote his May 19 film release, and he recently told the media what it was like working with actress Kim Go Eun and his opinion of the film's storyline.

"We're the same age, so I was able to act comfortably around her. I have a lot to learn from her," he said. The movie's emotional story attracted the idol to the project. "I was really touched by the scenario, so I wanted to participate. I talked a lot about the character with the director, and he believed and supported me so I could be comfortable."

The director was moved by the young star as well. He had this to say about the 24-year-old star: "Minho knows how to give warmth. I was taken in by his passion and sincerity toward acting."

Grandmother Gye Choon is about a grandmother and granddaughter reuniting after a decade of separation due to a tragic event. Minho's character helps his childhood friend, played by Cheese in the Trap's Kim Go Eun, become reacquainted with country life again. 

If you live in Korea, you will be able to see it in theaters next month. The rest of us will have to anticipate his first film coming to a theater near us soon. I'm interested in seeing this movie, so I hope the production company considers a grand premiere in North America. Who doesn't want to see Minho's first film?

In the meantime, we can marathon his last addictive series Because It's The First Time here on Dramafever.


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