There's no denying the star power of Super Junior, but for anyone on the fence on the matter, look no further than Korean chicken brand Kyochon Chicken.  Their current spokesmodel Choi Siwon, also known as The King of Dramas, has been turned into not one, but two life-sized wax replicas.  The $28,000-a-pop replicas took over three months to complete, and are currently on display at Kyochon Chicken's Gangnam store and in the Bangkok store at Sukhumvit Plaza.  A spokesperson for Kyochon Chicken said, “We created the dolls to provide fun and entertainment to fans of Choi Siwon, who′s spreading K-pop culture, for our Gangnam store." Are you going to head over for a chicken sandwich to get your hands on a waxy Choi Siwon?  Yes, we just asked that.