Choi Woo Shik recently did an interview with Star News regarding his completed drama Fool's Love. He gushed about how grateful he was to have been UEE's on-screen boyfriend in this fun and heartwarming show. He also added that "If they ever make a season 2, only UEE has to give permission," showing that he would love to make a comeback as the adorable Ho Gu.

Regarding his pairing with UEE, Choi Woo Shik only had good things to say.

"UEE noona doesn't have a boyfriend right now. I'm not in a relationship either, so I was happy that I'd be dating UEE noona in the drama. I dated her vicariously through my character in the drama. When else would I ever have the chance to date UEE noona? It wasn't actual dating, but personally, I was happy. UEE noona probably didn't like it too much, but I was satisfied."

He continued, "UEE noona helped me a lot. She even led the romantic scenes. I liked all the romantic scenes I had with UEE noona, like the kiss scene or the hug scene. I want to work with UEE noona again. If they ever make a season 2, only noona has to give her permission."

His answers are almost as cute as his character Ho Gu! If you haven't seen the cute series yet, you can see it in its entirety below:

Would you want a second season of Fool's Love? Are you missing these awesome characters? I know I had some major drama withdrawal after finishing this show!

Please share your thoughts below! 

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