Many K-drama and K-pop fans swoon over beautiful eyes or smiles on their biases, but what about eyebrows? It seems like every time someone mentions either T.O.P. or Kim Woo Bin in particular, at least one fan has to mention the eyebrows. Both stars have strong eyebrows with a lot of expression, but which one is best? Take a look at them both, and then decide for yourself!

Challenger 1: Kim Woo Bin

(Via Kim Woo Bin's Eyebrows, where you can find even more of KWB in all of his eyebrow glory.)

The brows were so majestic that they even got their own mention on Heirs!

Challenger 2: T.O.P.Even when they're green, they're fantastic.

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It's a tough choice, but who is the winner? Or did you faint from delight before you could decide? Comment below!