China's number one viral song "Little Apple" won the "International Song of the Year" award at the American Music Awards on November 23. The song's creators, Chopsticks Brothers, also traveled from China to perform on stage at the awards ceremony. Check out their live performance at the AMA and their unique MV that has received over one billion views in China.

We reported on the Chopsticks Brothers and their song a few months ago. The duo, Xiao Yang and Wang Taili, made a MV with the "Little Apple" song to promote their micro-movie Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon. They then saw the song's stratospheric rise to take over China within months. Their experience from unknown talents to famed musicians is inspirational to anyone who has spent years struggling to succeed. Songwriter Wang Tailli said that the song is meant to be a happy song that's easy to dance to.

Here is their live performance at the AMAs.

See Shin Ha Kyun as an elderly chaebol who ages in reverse in the romantic comedy Mr. Baek:

Here's the original MV that is subbed in English. (Click the CC button if the subtitles aren't displayed.)

Although "Little Apple" is the number one song in China, currently, it is not as well known internationally as the hit Korean sensation "Gangnam Style" by singer-songwriter Psy. That's probably going to change now that the song has been recognized by the American Music Awards. One thing is for sure: the Chopsticks Brothers never imagined that they would end up performing live at the AMAs in Los Angeles.