Chris Wang, popular Taiwanese actor and star of the new drama series Aim High, announced on his Facebook account that he is going to be a dad. He posted the baby's sonogram and explained how and why he has hidden his beloved future wife in a very open disclosure that has impressed everyone.

First, he apologized to Aim High, the drama series that just started broadcasting this past weekend, and the upcoming movie Endless Nights in Aurora, for possibly shifting the attention away from the rightful focus.

He then revealed that his fiancee is Xiaoxian, his agent and assistant. Last year, a tabloid magazine called Next Magazine published an article questioning whether he and Xiaoxian were having a secret love affair.

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Here's what Chris wrote:

"Frankly, I must thank Next Magazine. Until its reporting in October last year, we were both evading the fact that we had fallen for each other. We've worked with each other for 5 years, know a lot about each other, and have together faced many turmoils. All that time we chose to ignore, hide, and evade the feelings we had for each other. After the report came out last year, we finally decided to face it and chose to believe and to be courageous. Now, I am feeling a sense of inner peace, happiness, calmness and freedom."

"Our baby appeared in this shared expectation. He is into 4 months now. Regardless of a boy or girl, we will treasure the baby. To make sure the pregnant mom can concentrate on prenatal care without any disturbances, Xiaoxian will leave her job as my agent at the end of October."

Chris then thanked everyone for supporting him and said he will continue to work hard to impress everyone. About the future, he said,

"Next, we will wait for the baby to be born. We'll register (the marriage) but won't hold a wedding banquet. This is our joint decision. Thank you all and hope everyone will find your own happiness."

It's not unusual for a hot male star in Asia to hide his relationship and even marriage from the public to protect his career. Chris Wang's open disclosure has won much praise and support. 

Chris also said the baby is expected to be born on April 8, 2015. We would like to wish Chris and Xiaoxian the best in moving forward into a new stage in life as a family.

(photos: chinatims, udn)