ChrisWu_SubstitutePrincess_02 Have you been keeping up with Substitute Princesss? Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh get awfully close to each other in this scene. Netizens online have been debating if they are for Team Terry or Team Guan Jun. I, for one, find Chris Wu to be adorable and here is the behind-the-the scenes special for his topless scene. ChrisWu_SubstitutePrincess_04 Here is the full video, with translations below! Narrator: In the drama Substitute Princesss, Terry (Chris Wu) and Da Hua (Nikki Hsieh) have been growing closer together. It's definitely getting warmer! How hot is this scene? Let's take a look again.
Da Hua: Where is it? Terry: It's over here. Hold on, hold on to it! Let me see if I can secure it. Da Hua: Hurry up! Terry: Can you stop rushing me? I... Da Hua: Are you done yet? Terry: Yes, almost done. Ah! My towel just fell. Pick it up for me! Da Hua: Why are you doing this? You're being silly. Da Hua: Are you okay? Terry: You're.... crushing my... Da Hua: Sorry! Terry: Help me up.
Narrator: This scene in the bathroom was so awkward, but it was hilarious and made us blush! On the day of the shoot the crew went on set to capture some more moments.
Director: So count down 5, 4, 3, 2 then fall like this! And them crush him. Hey, don't film me! Chris: Oh okay, like that. We're not going to cut the scene up. Director: You fall first then call over, like this. I'll get some close ups and put it together.
Narrator: After the explanation from the director Chris and Nikki are ready to go! Chris Wu's great body is in plain sight, and to keep the look of being in the shower he has to be wet the whole time. So he had to keep splashing himself with water.
Chris Wu: AH! It's cold. Ok, ready. Ah! It's raining. Crew: Okay, get ready! Nikki Hsieh: Aw, he looks so pitiful. Director: Yes, a youthful body. Wait, please cut that out. Chris Wu: 30 now, not youthful anymore.
Narrator: The half-nude Chris Wu really did some service for the viewers here. Even Nikki was bashful during her performance.
Nikki: Ah! Crew: You can get a little closer. Chris: You already got it. Nikki: I already got you but you didn't shift over! Chris: It'll look like I'm trying to get to you. Nikki: Are you done yet? Chris: Almost... Wait, I dropped my towel! Nikki: Ah! Wait... I looked at you before you finished talking. Nikki: AHHHH! (*Caption: Did you see a ghost?) Chris: You suck.
ChrisWu_SubstitutePrincess_03 Narrator: It might be because Chris's body was so distractingly great, Nikki seems like she was blushing.
Nikki: Here? Chris: Ouch. Nikki: Sorry! Chris: I dropped the towel! Pick it up for me. Nikki: What! Stop! You're silly. Chris: Wait! Da Hua... Nikki: I went the wrong way... Chris: Wait you're... you're acting drunk, haha. Nikki: One more! Chris: Ouch... are you trying to pick a fight? Nikki: Your arms are all red. Chris: You were hitting really hard. Crew: Ready? Chris: You little.... Nikki: I really am shy.
(This part it shows Nikki hitting Chris over and over!)
Chris: Oh gosh. Are you enjoying this? Nikki: I was hitting really lightly. Narrator: Nikki wasn't holding back at all. Chris's arms were all red! We're seeing some bruises coming up. Nikki: (Falls down) Chris: Ah, that was too quick. Too late. Oh well, let her go. Nikki: (Tries again) Chris: Ah, that was too quick also. Too late! Director: Then just go!
This next part was a falling scene the director and the crew help Nikki with. Nikki: Director, I'm not afraid of falling but I have an old injury that hurts when I move like that. Crew: Ok, let's have two people hold you. That way you don't have to use your own ankle. ChrisWu_SubstitutePrincess_01 Narrator: After the scene for the fall, the scene after where the two fall on the floor was a challenge as well.
Director: Okay so you can just do it like this... Chris: Okay hold on to me first, use me as a support like this. Then fall, then like this. Nikki: Then I get back up right? Chris: Ah, you're crushing me there. Haha, should we add that? Director: No. Nikki: You're so silly! Chris: Haha okay well help me up!
(This part replays the scene where Nikki falls on Chris a few times)
(*Caption: Chris's back is all red) Chris: Is this really seductive?
Narrator: To get the right angle, the crew had to try a couple of different positions. Chris and Nikki had to be on the floor for a while to get this right. This is a lot of hard work.
Nikki: I'll go get someone. Director: Ok, one more. He needs to smile more. Chris: ...but I think a smirk is better. Director: MORE! Chris: Ouch... Director: Cut. Chris: I keep trying to make it funny. Director: Annoying.
Narrator: After the last scene with the smile, the awkward bathroom scene finally ends on a perfect note. We're looking forward to seeing more fan service scenes like this one! Who are you rooting for? Team Terry or Team Guan Jun? My vote is on Terry! (source: