Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about some cakes in Japan that looked like actual meals, like eel over rice. For the upcoming holiday season, a company is offering a similar but completely opposite type of cake: one that looks like a cake but is made 100% out of yakitori.

Yakitori, a Japanese food item many of you are familiar with, is literally translated as "cooked bird," and it refers to chicken (or any other meat and/or vegetables) cooked over a grill and served on a skewer, usually along with some ice cold draft beers, sake, or shochu. A traditional and popular soul food, it is slowly but surely gaining popularity around the world. In fact, it's so popular in Japan that a special yakitori Christmas strawberry shortcake is being offered for those who just can't get enough of it. It will be sold by local yakitori food entertainment facility (yakitori theme park) Zenyaren Tokyo Headquarters from November 25 all the way until Christmas Day.

As you can see in the photos, this shortcake is all yakitori. What looks like the sponge is actually made out of tsukune, which is a Japanese meat ball. The meatball used for this cake is a high-quality domestic pork, and the whipped cream is made out of mashed potatoes. The only ingredient on this delicious-looking Christmas cake that tastes like what it looks like is the strawberry.

"We made it for people who want to drink beer while eating a cake," said one of the yakitori cooks. "We also used a sweeter meat, so if sweetness isn't your thing, please use our miso sauce!"

Merry Christmas, Japanese style.

Cake Yakitori Christmas ad. "Is this really yakitori?"

Miso sauce on cake

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Zenyaren's specialty...