In Japan, it has become a tradition to eat KFC chicken for Christmas. The story goes that during the early 1970s, a Westerner stepped into a KFC store on Christmas day because he couldn't find turkey in Japan. This incident inspired the Japanese KFC chain to promote fried chicken for Christmas starting with an ad campaign in 1974.

The KFC's commercial promoted "Christmas = KFC" with a series of combination dinners that included the fried chicken and a cake. Since then, KFC fried chicken has become a traditional meal for Christmas in Japan.

Not only has the KFC chicken dinner become a tradition in Japan, the stores start taking pre-orders from as early as October, and the lines are super long on Christmas day. In 2012, KFC stores even hit a new sales record of 6.5 billion yen (more than 63 million US dollars.)

It was a major event when 2013's KFC-Christmas campaign started in Japan this November. Here's Japanese actress Haruka Ayase making the announcement dressed in Santa red with a pair of angelic wings.

So don't be surprised if you are invited to a Japanese Christmas meal and find KFC chicken on the dinner table.

Now we know why Japan Airlines is offering KFC for their winter menu, as reported in this Drama Fever article.