Happy Chuseok! The huge holiday week in Korea means that almost everyone is on their way home to spend the holidays with their families, and even Kdramas are taking a breather today (the actual day of Chuseok), being replaced by seasonal programming. Well, almost all dramas, anyway. If you're looking for drama tonight on Korean TV, you just have one option--Playful Kiss. Hopefully the holiday will favor the struggling show, which will get a rare chance tonight to grab some attention without competing against Baker King and Runaway. Baker King Kim Tak Gu of course has been the drama success of the year so far, and last week the cast had a tearful sendoff--see Yoon Si Yoon and company say goodbye for now at the big end-of-series celebration right here. No pics yet from Han Ji Hye's Hawaiian wedding, but if your invitation to the private ceremony got lost in the mail, you can still see Han in a wedding dress... on the cover of InStyle Weddings magazine. The full main cast of Mary Stayed Out All Night (aka Mary Skipped the Curfew) was finally revealed, and it looks like Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk will be joined by Bad Guy's Kim Jae Wook. Kim will play the third leg of a romantic love triangle, a CEO who is "Korean by blood, Japanese in mind, and American in style." Behind-the-scenes footage from Haru, the Kim Bum/Lee Da Hae/Yunho/Han Chae Young/Park Shi Hoo extravaganza created to promote tourism to Korea has just been released. Click here to see the new pics, and isn't that a lot of gunplay for a national promotion? Jang Hyuk's Cdrama remake of All About Eve, called In Love With a Female Anchor, began airing last night and early word is that the redo is... "surprisingly not sucky." Finally, a preview of the Japanese film adaptation of the huge anime/manga hit Paradise Kiss: if you're wondering how Igarashi Shunji (from D-BOYS) pulls off the role of Isabella, the stylish transgender woman, take a peek!