It's the last dance my fine courtiers. The glass slippers have been found and their owners have been waiting for 8 weeks to try them on. Happily ever afters are found by the dozen and even the evil doers get a reprieve. Join Firnlambe, Ajumma and I, Wendilynn as we reminisce over all the happy adorable moments that wrapped up Cinderella and the 4 Knights.

Firnlambe: ok so yes there are a multitude of happy adorable moments, but I need to get my frustration out of the way first. Why … just WHY did Madam Witch get a second chance? That scene was EXTREMELY frustrating.

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Wendilynn: I guess since he was going to forgive Yoon Sung and she did really love him he was willing to follow his heart too? Maybe? I was just so happy that Sung Yoon wasn’t a jerk and turned out to be doing his part to protect the the Chairman. From that point of view, it gives the conversation he had with Hyun Min a totally different flavor. I’m also glad that Hyun Min was able to overhear the truth about Yoon Sung’s role in everything.

Ajummah: I think the writers were trying to tie off every story line with a happy ending. Hyun Min and Hye Ji are together which is great. Did she decide to go to Paris or no? Seo Woo went back to busking, which by the way I had to look up to figure out what it meant, and Ha Won got to wear her red shoes again.

Firnlambe: I’m so glad we were right when it came to Sung Yoon. I just knew he was only going through with everything so he could help the Chairman. As for the writers trying to give everyone a happy ending….pointless. Just pointless. Not everyone deserves their happy ending //fumes in a dark internet corner// Though, I am glad all of our knights received their respective closure.

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Wendilynn: This show has been adorable the whole way through so I was expecting happily ever afters for everyone. This show hasn’t had one truly mean bone in its body. I loved the story with the rings. (F: //squeeee// baby Ji Woon) I thought that was adorable. Their story was just cute. As for Hyun Min and Hye Ji’s story, I felt that one had more pain and heartbreak in it between them. Dead parents aside…. For me, anyway, there was a hurt and tortured - too scared to hope for love - sort of things going on for me between them. Where Ji Woon and Ha Won were more adorable because he never wavered in his love for her and wasn’t afraid to be adorable about it. It was interesting to me to see how they had met as children and even in their own way promised to meet up again and that by carrying his mother’s ring, Ha Won was destined to meet him again. As if their story never ended.

Ajummah: I thought it was a bit...weird that the writers threw in the children’s story but it worked. I lt was cute that they kept the keepsakes the other person gave to each other. Grandfather went back to the Madame but I don’t know why. She tried to take his company away from him right? She said it was because she wanted her son to be taken care of but, wouldn’t he be okay just as he was? Anyway with that bit aside, it was a good drama. Fluffy and sweet like cotton candy.

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Firnlambe: //pfft// All for her son, yeah right …. Sorry, I can't talk about the Madam anymore….it induces too much rage. I personally loved the children bit. A tad random yes, but overall it worked. I was wondering how they were going to close that plot line, since it was tossed aside once the surgery started. Dear Lord the surgery! Their date was adorable and bittersweet all at the same time.

Wendilynn: While I figured Ep 15 would end with the surgery/vote cliff hanger, when we got to that point, I was so mad. Lol I had watched it on friday so then I had to wait a day to finish. Lol I knew better and I knew it was coming and I still was left in knots. And while ‘recovery’ was way too fast, it was okay. I wanted to get to the good stuff anyway.

Ajummah: Ah the surgery! Why did they put Ji Woon with an allergy? It's so random!! They could have just had him suffer from shock anyway without having anything to do with being allergic to anesthesia. At any rate I thought the “last date” was really cute. They seemed so in love and it killed me knowing that Ha Won was going to leave Ji Woon as soon as he got out of surgery.


Firnlambe: I feel like 95% of this last week was just to writers trying to cram in any, and all possible cliches. We had a childhood flashback, a post surgery trauma, more noble sacrifices, sudden character redemption, sudden family reconciliation, blatant misunderstandings and others I'm certain I missed. It was a bit painful for me to watch at times….if I must be honest.

Wendilynn: They didn’t include the car accident that gives you amnesia, so that’s a win. Lol I really liked that the 3 boys were finally a family. The bit on the bench when they were all moving the same was funny. Near death experiences have a way of getting rid of family tantrums. They had bigger battles to fight so stopped fighting each other. I liked the feeling that those three boys (4 including step brother Yoon Sung) would have each other’s backs from now on.

Ajummah: The Kang cousins are one big happy family. Grandfather seems a lot happier and even the evil “Steps” are nicer. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but well done writers. This drama was just what I needed after watching a lot of mysteries and “think” dramas. Super sweet and peppered with cry moments and laughter.

Firnlambe: FLUFF!! Fluff makes a frustrated fangirl happy. Yes...The fluff does make it much easier to stomach all of the cliches. I know I've been complaining this last week, but I really did love this show.

Wendilynn: This is a sweet show to watch when you need something fun but without hard angst. I enjoyed every stinking minute of this show. Jung ll Woo really showed off his adorable sweet side. Ahn Jae Hyeon really showed a relaxed performance that has been missing from his last couple of roles (marriage has been good for him). Lee Jung Shin really got to show what a happy sweetheart he can be. Even Choi Min got to play around a bit. You just loved all four of them.

Ajummah: Hopefully whatever drama comes next from the writers, will make me equally as happy.

That wraps up this wonderful story.  We had so much fun reviewing this drama with you guys.  Let us know what you felt about how this drama ended in the comments below and we'll see you guys again on another DC. 

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