Cinderella has moved into the castle but the story is only just beginning. Cinderella has been given her first mission from the King but will she be able to bend the Knights to her will? Will she be able to keep to the rule to not date any of them? Will our Knights let her? Join Firnlambe, Ahjummah and I, Wendilynn as we take bets on who will break the rules first?

Ajummah: I was looking forward to this week! Our Cinderella has moved into the house and has her first mission. I squealed at every interaction she had with the knights and have decided I want her with either the youngest Kang cousin or the manager. The other 2 are a bunch of jerks, through and through. There was no redeeming qualities for me with them. Ugh

C4 mission.jpg

Firnlambe: My second hand nerves cannot handle this woman...she is adorable, don't get me wrong, but damn--is she dense at times.


Wendilynn: She’s only 18 and admittedly out of her depth, but she doesn’t take their crap for long. I like them all now. I really do. I would love to see her with our Manager/Secretary Yoon Sung. He’s just a decent guy. Seo Woo is our ‘jeremy’ character. I’m sorry, but he is. (F: //nods in agreement//) The other two are definitely jerks but both are clearly nursing some serious heartache and their attitudes stem from those hurts. I think one will become the lover, but I have a half suspicion one is a relative to her. Her “step-dad” was looking for someone who may be the real dad he mentioned and who just happened to have the last name Kang. Anyone?

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Ajummah: Yeah, I’m still pissed at the dad. He’s complaining about raising a child that isn’t his but what about her *cough cough* step-sister? I don’t think he’s related by blood to her and she’s sitting in the house, just as nasty as she wants to be. Did you see how she acted to Ha Won’s friend? If I was the friend, I would have thrown that whole bag of trash on her. She and the step mother could give Ha Won 2 seconds when she lived there, but now that she’s living in the Sky House, oh they care. It’s ridiculous.


And speaking of ridiculous, I think I almost wheezed with laughter with Ha Won’s antics with Hyun Min. Their text messages where he wanted her to come to his room was outlandishly funny.

Firnlambe: Couple things I want to address.

1. I second the “dump trash on the trashy family” plan.

2.I feel like dad is not nearly as hateful towards the step-sister, because her mother didn't cheat on him like Ha Won’s apparently did.

3. Those texts were a riot, but my favorite bout of antics was when she did her research and then tried to lure them into sitting down for a meal together…. Simply because the boys reeeeeeeally wanted too, which was clear, but their pride just wouldn't let them.

C4  hungry.jpg

Wendilynn: Yeah, that was a funny funny scene. These episodes just had some really great moments. I liked the antics with the text messages, too. I loved when Hyun Min broke up with that girl because she wouldn’t deck him. Lol I didn’t understand what pull the Step-sister had that she could demand the friend’s phone. I don’t get that little quirk of korean society, anyway. She had no right to that information, so why did the friend think she had to give it to her? But, I’m loving watching her turn green with envy. She has no chance at all of getting into Sky House and yet she acts as if she does. I guess I don’t see what the connection is.

Ajummah: She’s gonna pull something really mean and get fussed out by the Kang cousins. I have a feeling and I can’t wait to see it. You know what they say about Karma… Now focusing my attention on Ji Woon. He’s decided to “go after” Ha Won so that Hye Ji doesn’t get her heart hurt anymore. I have issues with this. If she is so in love with Hyun Min, why doesn’t she just say it straight out? No beating around the bush, no more wandering into traffic like her dog died, none of this foolishness! I think she knows that Ji Woon likes her and is using that to get him to do what she wants. *grrr* Ji Woon is falling for it and now there is more strife in a family that is already strained to the breaking point.

Firnlambe: ugh … that child irritates me to no end. Her face is pretty enough, but it sure doesn't match her heart. Jealousy is never becoming towards characters like her, but sadly the plot calls for our two lover-boys to have no will against her “pull” whether it be good or bad.

C4  crush.jpg

Wendilynn: I don’t see her as a jerk, though. She’s very hurt. She’s clearly been in love with Hyun Min for many years. Everyone knows it. Hyun Min seems to like her too, but for whatever pride reasons won’t give in. Nobody is being honest about the fact that Cinderella is not his actual fiancee, so I give her a pass on feeling jealous. But, when a jealous girl wishes the other girls gone, everyone should just wisely ignore it. But no.. Ji Woon is determined to not let her be bullied by his terrible family and so will see her happy. Even if it makes him act in a totally immature way. I’m curious to see what happens when Seo Woo and Yoon Sung come out singing happy birthday. I mean, for goodness sake, there are fireworks going off. Something is happening. Lol

C4 party.jpg

Ajummah: Oh that’s right! It was her birthday. Score one for Seo Woo and the manager. They seem to be the true hearts of these episodes. Especially Seo Woo. He probably knows her the best out of the Kang cousins. He knows her family hates her (and the suck), her financial situation...he’s trying to do something to make her happy and he’s doing it simply for her. I like that. I like the manager too but, he seems to fall back on the whole “it’s the Chairman’s wishes” thing too much. So we’ll see what happens next week. Any predictions?

C4 stealing.jpg

Firnlambe: I'm not even going to try and predict with this show …. Unless, of course, inspiration suddenly strikes when i least expect it.

Wendilynn: Agreed, I think they will keep us guessing. While this show has a lot of tropes in it, they are playing with them in clever ways. After episode four, my kdrama conspiracy theories call for her to be related in some way, which makes any of them, except the manager, out of the running for lover, so that probably won’t fly. I want to see her take down both Ji Woon and Hyun Min for this stupid game they are playing with her. Time for the story of fiancee to be cast off.

The gauntlet has been thrown, but will our Cinderella be the one to pick it up and beat up the Knights with it?  Will they keep our girl strong and feisty or wimp her out?  Can these cousins be made to recognize that they are family?  Tell us your comments below. 

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