Just as Ji Woon and Ha Won are trying to come to grips with their drunken kiss, a request from Hye Ji threatens it all. Is she serious or is she testing Hyun Min? Will any of them be brave enough to face what their hearts really want? Even poor Seo Woo makes a play for the heart. Join Firnlambe, Young Ajummah and I, Wendilynn as we figure out who will be brave and who will keep hiding their feelings on these episodes of Cinderella and the 4 Princes.

Ajummah: Oh my, where to begin? I’m not sure if Ha Won wears a certain type of perfume but it seemed like EVERYONE was vying for her attention this week. She and Ji Woon are pretending they didn’t kiss, though they keep replaying it in their minds. Seo Woo confessed to her in the cutest way ever (and got shot down). The secretary...well he has his own issues to deal with. Hyun Min even got her a bunch of foods he knew she liked, even though his heart is pining over Hye Ji. What a week!

Wendilynn: These episodes were just a tad busy, weren’t they? Ha Won just has a large and generous heart. That’s why they all like her so much. Even when Hye Ji made her request of Ji Woon, she put her own feelings aside and sympathized with him that he probably wouldn’t sleep much. She knows how to appreciate how they must be feeling and that has changed them all. I mean, they were all dealing with each other much more comfortably than we’ve seen in the past. Ji Woon and Hyun Min may want to kick each other’s butts but they didn’t seem nearly as icy as before.


Firnlambe: Ha Won is adorably naive . . . and if Hey Ji screws this up for her, anymore that the plot requires to get Hyun Min in gear, I’ll be upset. It’s clear she is only using Ji Woon to get the end results she desires, because if she even had a shred of decency she would see that her actions will cause pain for more people than her sorry existence is worth.

Ajummah: Hye Ji...ugh I still don’t care for her, though I have softened a bit since she’s losing her house and her family is going bankrupt. I don’t like the fact that she’s using Ji Woon to under Hyun Min’s skin. Is it working? Yes. BUT I don’t have to like it. And I wonder if Ji Woon realizes what she’s doing? He has feelings for Ha Won, I know he does, but whenever Hye Ji crooks her finger in his direction, he goes a-running.

Wendilynn: She was nice to him when he was a stranger in the house and he’s taken on the protective big brother role. Although, I think that if it wasn’t for Ha Won’s entry into their lives, he would’ve happily accepted her feelings. But, he’s clearly fallen in love with Ha Won and I just had to crack up at Ha Won’s attempts to prove his feelings. When she cleaned the garage she’s lucky he didn’t skin her alive. If that doesn’t prove he loves her I don’t know what does. ROFL!! However, there’s never been any pretense between him and Hye Ji that Hyun Min owns her whole heart. I don’t think he’s fooled. I think he knows full well that she doesn’t really like him in that way. And while it may seem frustrating that he ran to Hye Ji’s rescue, she really did need saving in that moment. She’s not a fickle damsel making unreasonable requests. She really was in a serious situation. But OOOOOOOOOOOH…… How I wish we could have continued that playful little scene where Ji Woon almost got a confession from Ha Won.


Firnlambe: Screw you and your damned logic Wendilynn!! I know she really needed the help, and to her credit she did call Hyun Min first . . . but dammit! She could be less sleazy about it..

Ajummah: Sorry, maybe my heart will soften more next week. I DO feel bad that Hye Ji is in a terrible situation right now, but I’m still frowning at her. I do feel terrible about Seo Woo. He got burned (literally) when trying to confess to Ha Won. I’m not sure if she had him stop singing the song because she figured out he really was singing to her, or if she felt uncomfortable with the eye contact. I don’t think she’s stupid so I’m going to go with the former. The whole thing was really sweet though.

Wendilynn: I’m just really glad that scene didn’t happen on a bus. I think she had her heart flutter because he was looking at her and since she doesn’t think of him that way nor does she think he likes her that way, she nipped that in the bud. I was glad to see that her heart fluttered a little. I love Seo Woo, though so I want him to find a princess, too. Maybe Ja Young will get to play the ultimate fan girl romance?


Firnlambe: //ugh// I was trying my best to forget that moment of heartbreak. I’m with Wendilynn that she only did what she did because the intense eye contact was unnerving on someone she sees as only a friend, but I disagree in that I can only see Ja Young fulfilling that romance if she tones down the possessive fan mode by like 75%.

Young Ajummah: I hope so. I’m team Seo Woo and I want him to be happy. *sigh* It might be a few episodes before we see him smile, though. And speaking of smiling or not smiling, the Secretary! I knew the Madame was his mom. And she went all out and found a woman for him to marry. Talk about awkward. I think she (the Madame) overstepped this episode. I know she wants the company to go to him, but she’s doing a terrible job of showing her love for him. Leaving him for 12 years?!?! What mother does that?

c4e10  dead.jpg

Wendilynn: I know, I was shocked by how much time had gone by, too. 12 years is a long time to wait to play Mommy Dearest. My heart broke for him in that moment. However, after the incident in the mall, I don’t think Grandpa is as ignorant of things. Yoon Sung clearly cares about the Chairman. He was so emotional trying to impress on him to fight to live. Frankly, I wouldn’t put it past him to clue the boys in, or at least Cinderella, to save Grandpa’s life. I was worried that the Mom connection might make Grandpa suspect Yoon Sung but now I think he knows what a gem he is and will take care of him. I’m getting the impression that Grandpa has plans to leave his 4 boys in the best possible hands he can manage.

Firnlambe: God I hope so. He cares for him so much, that it’s totally feasible for him to inform Ha Won that things are going south . . . Heck she may confront him if she pieces it together first. As for Mommy Dearest and her schemes, I feel like the chairman may already know that Yoon Sung is the son of his new wife. He did state that he would have liked to have a son like him, so I can’t see him holding this against him.


Ajummah: Yeah. I’m sad that the Grandpa is dying, though it wouldn’t be a kdrama if someone wasn’t dying. *sigh* I’m glad that the Secretary turned down the guy who suggested going the black market route, though I think that was probably more Grandpa than he.

I’m not surprised that the man Ha Won’s stepmother spoke to, showed up. It looks like he’s going to try to cash in on some money.

Wendilynn: He’s desperate, so I’m sure he will. But, I’m curious what excuse he’s going to use. He clearly knows Ha Won’s family, so it will be interesting to see how he tries to tweak it. As for Stepmom and her daughter, these ladies get more pathetic each week. I’m glad we don’t see them much.

Firnlambe: I’m sure he’ll shake the boat, but he won’t capsize it. Ha Won’s family can drown for all I care. Unless they do something extremely selfless, I could care less for when they are on the screen.

Ajummah: Agreed. I wonder where the dad is. He seems to be in on something. I think he knows more than what he’s letting on. I hope he shows up and tells the stepmother off or something. Maybe that’s my wishful thinking.


Wendilynn: Well, things should get interesting now that Hye Ji has moved in. I have to admit, I’m rather glad she’s moving in. This thing between her and Hyun Min needs to be resolved.

Firnlambe: //rage fist to the sky// I’m sure she’ll bunk with Ha Won purely for our torture.

Ajummah: I may have cursed. I think it will definitely move this storyline along. I hope that Ha Won doesn’t move out again, though. She is a part of the triangle (square?) love thing, so I don’t want her disappearing again.

Will Hye Ji's inclusion into Sky House be a catalyst for disaster or will this give Hyun Min the courage he needs to face his feelings?  Does Grandpa know the truth between Yoon Sung and his mother?  Tell us your feelings below. 

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