Greetings Courtiers. “Father” is making a major push in trying to win over Ha Won, but will the truth be discovered before major decisions are made? And just what is happening within this love square? Poor Ha Won is getting a multitude of mixed signals. Will Hye Ji really move forward in her relationship with Ji Woon? Will she be able to patch things up with Hyun Min? Or is love finally in the air between Ha Won and Ji Woon? Join Wendilynn, Ajummah and Firnlambe as we discuss episodes 11 & 12 of Cinderella and the 4 Knights.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, the Dad line totally disappointed me. They didn’t even try to make him seem like a genuine question. He was pathetic and begging for money from minute one. I was expecting more finesse but he was just …. Meh.

Ajummah: UGH! I wanted a fight or someone throwing water on someone during this whole “dad” line. He seemed to give up really easily. THOUGH I’m glad we didn’t have to sit through 5 episodes of him deceiving everyone, so kudos to Ha Won and Ji Woon for seeing the truth right away. Also grandfather gets a handclap for knowing his wife is up to something.

Firnlambe: I'm actually quite glad the fake father bit was lackluster. It was a bit of drama that seems really insignificant to me. Thankfully Ha Won handled the situation like a boss. As for grandfather catching onto his wife’s shady actions . . . it’s about damn time. Though I suppose she hasn’t really been too careful in hiding that she is up to something, so it was only a matter of time.

Wendilyn: I sort of thought Grandpa was onto her from the beginning, but he seemed a little too upset about the tie for someone in the know. My worry is now for Yoon Sung. Is this a trap, to keep an eye on his mother to prove his loyalty? He knows what she is up to now, will he save himself and tell the CEO? I don’t want him viewed as a traitor here. Grandpa genuinely likes him and that this witch has put that in jeopardy pisses me off.

Ajummah: How to explain that he had no idea his mother was the Madame until that first meeting? I don’t want him to get into trouble behind his mother’s foolishness. She said she’s doing everything for him but how can she justify that when she left him for 12 years and then tells him to pretend they don’t know each other? Ugh. But Grandpa is smart so hopefully he’ll not only figure things out, he’ll understand that Yoo Sung has nothing to do with it.

Firnlambe: One can only hope. Our 4th knight deserves that much at least. Especially since his character had no control over that witch of a woman, and any plans she may have cooked up. I reeeeeally hope all her well laid plans backfire gloriously in her face. Just like Ha Won’s step-family. //cackles evilly// oooo that was a treat to see.

Wendilynn: It will all depend on who has Lawyer Lee’s loyalty. Because we still have that scene a couple weeks ago where you had Grandpa saying he had another son and to change the will accordingly. Who was he referring to? As for the evil Steps…. Bwhahahahahahahaha. The mom totally deserved what she got and Seo Woo rocked it completely. What an autograph. Bwhahahahahahahaha! Loved it, and that Jo Young was able to have a hand in it was perfect. “Opppaaaaa” I never laughed so hard as i did right then.

Ajummah: That “oppa” tone she had, made me snatch my headphones away from my ears. I am really starting to ship Seo Woo and Jo Young. I’m not sure how they would end up but I want them to so bad! They would be the cutest couple. The stepsister needs to just stop. Her mother already got fired behind her foolishness, so you would think that she would wise up and leave things alone. Her mother needs to stop as well because now she’s jobless. Also, WHERE THE HELL IS THE DAD??? It’s been like 3 episodes.

Firnlambe: Dad is dead . . . . there is no other explanation (that would be acceptable in Kdrama land) for his truck to be sitting on the side of the road and him not answering his phone after 15 rings. Which really would suck, if only because then we may never find out why he was looking for the broke dad.

Wendilynn: He’s been an absent parent all this time,so I’m not sure what to think of him. I’m having a hard time believing he thought she wasn’t his. Too many things just don’t add up. Even if his wife did die in the fire that destroyed the fake dad’s apartment. It will be interesting to see where this show is taking us. As for Ha Won and our love square… I’m so flipping glad that Ji Woon finally told Hyun Min to stop acting like a coward. No matter how guilty he feels about her brother dying, it's high time he owns up to his heart.

Firnlambe: Wait, before we discuss Ji Woon’s wonderful manipulation of Hyun Min, I thought mom had also died in a car accident?

Wendilynn: We had wondered if there was a connection a few weeks ago, because the Mom’s both died on the same day. We know his mom died in a car accident, but they said later that her mom died in the fire that took out fake dad’s apartment.

Firnlambe: Ah I missed that.

Ajummah: I wonder who is the missing son that Grandfather was talking about. I wonder whether or not Ha Won is really related to him. I wonder what happened to her dad (real or not) lol. So many questions. I don’t know if we have many episodes left to get everything resolved but I hope they don’t start to drag story lines. So far we’ve been lucky.

Firnlambe: We have been lucky haven’t we. I'm so glad this show is able to balance serious with humor so well. //pointedly looks at Hye Ji driving// If we didn’t have moments like that I probably wouldn’t be enjoying this series so much.

Wendilynn: Oh the driving scene was so funny. “I drank a beer so I can’t drive (and you can’t make me leave)” Then his comments about circling the earth and such was so funny. He couldn’t take the wheel or she’d leave, but oh, he kept his sense of humor. Harking back to our internet request about if he loves you by not getting mad at you… we have a classic example here. Lol

Ajummah: That was hysterical! I think that was the legit funniest thing I’ve seen all drama. And its good to see them interacting without her being a sad sack. Normally Hye Ji mopes around all episode. Hopefully this will be a turning point and get them together.

Firnlambe: I got a kick out of how vastly different the car rides were between our couples. Polar opposites, but so appropriate for each of them. And if this doesn't kick Hye Ji and Hyun Min together I may start pulling out fists of hair.

Wendilynn: It was nice to see Ji Woon call Hye Ji out on it after he realized he was risking losing Ha Won over being nice to her. Once Ha Won told him to stop confusing her if he belonged to someone else, he had to draw the line. A line he should have drawn a long time ago.

Ajummah: Yeah, I’m glad the lines were drawn. I’m surprised Ha Won didn’t fuss out Hye Ji but I guess that’s me wanting everyone to be combative. *sigh* Things worked out in the end. Or at least they seem to at the end of this episode. I wonder what will happen next week.

Firnlambe: I'm certain that our main issue moving forward will be from Madam Witch. Which makes me curious regarding how Ha Won will help on that front.

Wendilynn: For all my curiosity moving forward, such as “no dating allowed”, can we just comment on how awesome that kiss was? As adorable as drunk confession kiss was, this was a solid kiss. She didn’t act scared or shocked. He didn’t try to eat her nose. Lol This was a good involved kiss.

Ajummah: YES! PRAISE THE KDRAMA GODS FOR A GOOD KISS!!! I made a note to myself on that one. I saw lip movements, closed eyes...I think my heart skipped a beat. That man really did a good kiss and Ha Won didn’t look like a cold fish. *squee* Ji Woon marched straight over to her and took care of business. Freaking finally.

Firnlambe: My exact quotes when watching the final scene were as follows //ahem//

“If they don't kiss on this walk by the windmills I'll be disappointed


They set up this final scene perfectly and I'm while I had no doubts regarding Ji Woon’s kissing expertise, I'm so glad Ha Won had fire as well.

Wendilynn: I could watch Jung Il Woo kiss all day. As weird as that sounds, the boy knows what he is doing. And he proved it again, in this last scene. However, they led up to it beautifully. When he let Ha Won know that only she owned his heart, I just melted and then the kiss left me in a puddle.. I love good confession scenes. They really do make a drama enjoyable.

Ajummah: That whole “the box holds my feelings for you” made me melt. Too cute. And that better be the first of many kisses from them. Let’s just have an episode of them kissing in various places. *throws heart shape confetti in the air*

Romance is finally in full bloom for our OTP. Can their bliss survive once the Chairman figures out Ha Won broke one of his rules? Will Madam Witch be able to complete her grand scheme to hand over the company to Yoon Sung? Does Hyun Min finally make any sort of move now that he knows Ji Woon "dumped" Hye Ji? And will Ha Won's father ever come back into her life? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section below. We love to see what other fans are thinking of the show. See you all next week!

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