Welcome back courtiers. This week’s episodes of Cinderella and the Four Knights was packed full of surprise kisses, random acts of drunkenness and mysteries. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe and Ajummah as they breakdown the important scenes and try to guess what happens next in this week’s dramaclub.

Firnlambe: I can't decide what scene was my favorite. I loved the ending, I loved the drunk banter and I ADORED it when Hyun Min woke up in the air plane. All of these things made the episodes hysterical, but that makes me concerned as well. I mean, all of this happiness is bound to be tainted soon . . . We are only halfway through it all.

Ajummah: It seemed like Hyun Min went through a metamorphosis in these episodes. He was asked to look inside his heart to see who it is he really loves and for some reason that threw him for a loop. I think that’s why he was sleeping so much. He really does seem to care for Hye Ji but for whatever reason, he won’t allow himself to get involved with her. I’m trying hard to put my personal dislike for her aside and root for this couple, but man, it’s hard. At one point I asked myself if she faked that leg cramp in the pool just to get him to rescue her.

Wendilynn: I wondered that as well, but I don’t think she did after their conversation at the bench. I was expecting to not like her this week, but that is not what happened. I felt we got a peek into the deep relationship she has with Hyun Min. Clearly they have loved each other as children and the death of someone ended it. Her brother or his Dad are the two possibilities that tore them apart. I like that she didn’t fall for the fake confession even though hearing it hurt anyway. I loved that Ha Won didn’t even waste time feeling complimented. She just told him to stop messing with her and go talk to the girl he really likes. He is clearly struggling against his feelings for her. I wish we knew why, but I now trust this show. They’ve been adorable in every moment that could have gone south. They take all the typical tropes and then play them just off center all the while keeping the story sincere.

Firnlambe: Well in regards to “feelings”, I'm more invested in Ha Won’s growing relationship with Ji Woon as well as the one-sided feelings from Seo Woo. Because 1. that shower scene between Ha Won and Ji Woon was hysterical and 2. Seo Woo is breaking my heart by falling deeper into the “Jeremy” roll.

Ajummah: Ha Won and Ji Woon are so cute together! I love their interactions together. Especially the last scene! When everyone got drunk because Ha Won drank the rice wine instead of the milk...hysterical. I digress. I believe that Ji Woon is starting to realize his feelings for her and is ready to act on them...until he see’s Hye Ji. Even Ha Won noticed the change in him when they ran into her after horseback riding. *sigh* I hope the drama doesn’t start messing with the characters I ship together.

Wendilynn: I’m sure that horseback ride helped. Lol He’s been trying to resist her for a couple of episodes now. However, her throwing the soap at him, them being drunk together, its just so adorable. Before we fangirl all over that last scene, can we giggle over a drunk Sung Yoon? Oh my gosh, I was laughing so hard at him vomiting on people.

Firnlambe: I legitimately couldn't stop laughing at that scene. First, because it was totally out of the blue and unexpected and second because you can see Hyun Min fleeing to the bathroom in a panic. as for Ji Woon, I hope he acts on his feelings soon. The tension is reaching dangerous levels and when it finally snaps it will be one of two things….hysterical, or disastrous.

Ajummah: I hollered when he threw up! I was surprised at how drunk Sung Yoon got. I thought for sure he would be the same sober or otherwise but boy, was I wrong, lol. Maybe he just needed to cut loose for a while. They all needed to, honestly. By the way, raise your hand if you think Seo Woo and Ja Young ends up together. I know he’s falling for Ha Won right now but something tells me in the future, all this dotting on him and telling him that she knows everything about him will have some type of magic effect.

Wendilynn: I don’t know about that. She told him to never like someone and that sort of pissed me off. I hate when fans do or think that way about their idols. I just want Seo Woo to avoid being “Jeremy”. When I saw that song, my heart just sank. No singing on buses for you. No. Although, I loved at the beginning of 7 when he yelled ‘Look, CNBLUE’ as a diversion to get away from those school girls.

Firnlambe: //seconds everything Wendilynn said to the letter and has nothing else to add//

Ajummah: Ha Won’s step mother...she knows no bounds of lowliness?!? Add to the fact that the man she picked out seems to be in some financial trouble? I bet he’ll play along with being her dad to get some money. 

Wendilynn: He’s in debt, that is a typical trope. However, they always go off center with these tropes, so I’ll be interested to see how they play this. It seemed clear to me that he is not the dad. Stepmom is just a stupid social climber, without any of the manners that would get her there. Lol I expect her to throw a childish tantrum when she learns those matchmaking meetings aren’t for the Kang Cousins.

Firnlambe: I don't think he is her father, but because he is in debt he will use this opportunity to try and claim she is his simply to get some money out of the deal. No this mother daughter duo is going to drive me batty. They are able to do all of these things that a "normal" person should not and I am looking forward to seeing their downfall, because it will be glorious.

Ajummah: lol! That will be a sight to see. That and the step-sister has a terrible temper and I cannot wait to see what happens to her. She is not Ha Won’s dad’s daughter, right? So why is the fact that Ha Won might not be his biological daughter get so much negative play? He’s raising Yoo Na just fine. It makes me so MAD!!!! *ugh*

Wendilynn: Yeah, the hypocrisy is a bit much. Although, I don’t think Dad was going to do the thing that Stepmom ended up doing. Boy, she was not interested in listening, was she? She just assumed he knew Ha Won was his kid and acted all high and mighty. I just wanted to shake her for stupidity. I can’t wait till this drama gives them what they deserve. I admit to being vindictive enough for that. Lol Thankfully, we know Stepsister won’t get any type of chance at all with any of those boys. Now, let's hope that this show doesn’t completely ruin Ha Won’s chances with these boys. Was that or was that not the most adorable drunk kiss scene ever?

Ajummah: YES THE KISS!!! Technically there were a few kisses since Hye Ji and Hyun Min kissed to but whatever, Ha Won and Ji Woon’s kiss!!! As far as k-drama kisses go, that was pretty realistic, in a drunken type of way. Adorableness to the max. The way he kept saying he loved her and she kept telling him to piss off, amazing.

Firnlambe: Ji Woon is an adorable drunk. The kiss was adorable too, but I feel like all of his drunk hearts were what made it sweet.

Wendilynn: I laughed so much. She was not buying it at all. But when he did kiss her, he then acted confused and couldn’t remember who kissed first. Oh My Gosh, so flipping adorable and funny. It was just a funny adorable mess of confession and kisses. Which was just a perfect topper to an already great set of episodes. I don’t think you can make enough gifs on all the adorable funny moments this week.

Ajummah: I am definitely in love with the mess of drunkenness, though I am concerned what will happen for the following week. I know you don’t do predictions but I am wondering what will happen next week!

Firnlambe: I'm worried about the upcoming weeks as well. Everything is still so fluffy that I'm just waiting for the hammer to fall and smash it all to bits. Though I firmly believe a "memory issue" will be apparent across the house as soon as a certain couple wakes up.

Wendilynn: Well, the Kdrama tropes for this situation says that one or both will try to deny it in the morning. We’ll have our two guys fighting over who has real feelings for Hye Ji and who has real feelings for Ha Won. “Jeremy” will fall more hopelessly in love…. StepMom will find a way to finagle a matchmaking date. And fake Dad will show up asking for money. Have I missed any?

Ajummah: No I think that covers it, lol. I will get prepared to be angry for the upcoming episodes.

Wendilynn: (Expects the drama to take those tropes and throw them left of center and make it all adorable still)

That’s it courtiers! What did you think of this week’s episodes? Are you team Ha Won and Ji Woon or are you holding out for Ha Won and Hyun Min? Let us know in the comment section below and we will see next week after the new episodes of Cinderella and the Four Knights!

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