Hello to all out there in drama world! We are kicking off a great drama club with Cinderella and The 4 Knights! Two episodes in and there are already plenty of people to loathe and a female lead that does not seem to fall for any shenanigans the male leads try. Join Firnlambe, Wendilynn, and Ajummah as we discuss our thoughts on what we saw, who we hate and what we think will happen next!

Ajummah: I would like to go on record and say that I normally don’t watch romance dramas. I had had my fill of them a while ago BUT I am so ready for these 4 knights!

Wendilynn: This one certainly delivered on its promises. This was a fun first two episodes. I loved the intro. Basically saying that she was too busy with working to care about a bunch of selfish, stuck up snobs and boy, they really were. Lol

Firnlambe: I did not sign up to cry before episode one even ended . . .

Ajummah: I had tears of sadness and tears of anger. The way Eun Ha Won’s family treated her. UGH! I wanted her to knock her step-sister’s lights out. And why did her father act that way towards her at dinner? I would never do that to a child. Where does he get off? I would have lit out of there so fast! Just thinking about it is raising my blood pressure.

Firnlambe: Right?!? Like, ok--the name is “Cinderella and the Four Knights” so I was expecting stepmom and any sisters to be royal jerks, but I’m pretty sure in any rendition I’ve see the father loves Cinderella unconditionally. So I was NOT expecting him to be this massive jerk-face who suddenly flips a switch and proceeds to further shun his daughter when all she’s done is love him as the father she was told he was.

Wendilynn: yeah, that was not expected at all. I was hoping that maybe he realized what his negligence had done and maybe he was embarrassed? But, to then tell her she was never his and that he hated her for being another man’s child was a stunner. But… I don’t think she would have taken Grandfather up on his offer without losing everything first. So that then begs the question… did Dad get bought out like the mechanics were?

Ajummah: I don’t think so. He was avoiding her texts since episode 1. Maybe the grandfather did contact him afterwards because as soon as she called him, he asked her to move in again. Grandfather though… am I the only one that thinks his new wife is shady? I think she’s only after his money.

Firnlambe: I cannot express how excited I am to watch a drama where Kim Yong-Geon is playing a friendly old man who’s only concern is forcing his grandchildren to reform. I always see him playing an asshole who could really care less about his family. I agree with you about the new wife Ajummah, she is definitely Trouble--with a capital ‘T’.

Wendilynn: Oh, he’s still a royal jerk. The boys have learned it at his knee, but he does seem to really care about them. If only in the interests of his company’s survival. Wife number 5 is also a wicked stepmother. She wants those boys out and it will give things an interesting twist. I don’t think Grandfather is oblivious to her greed though. He’s too savvy for that. I happened to enjoy his delight in our Cinderella. She’s so unbelievably spunky. I love her. I love that she is unapologetic. She is certain about her actions being right so she has no reason to feel embarrassed about what she does. So when she turns it on those boys and beats them up or wacks them upside the head, I just laughed and laughed.

Ajummah: I love her so much right now. At the end of episode 1/beginning of episode 2, I was worried that she would play the typical “oh I’m embarrassed so I’ll run and hide” female lead but she went after Ji Woon and told him off. Then stripped down and threw her shoes at Hyun Min and walked off. I applauded. I mean, hollering at the screen and everything.

Firnlambe: I had a heart attack from second hand embarrassment during the wedding ceremony. I was so relieved when she went all Taekwondo on his sorry butt. I really do enjoy her character as well, I’m just a bit reserved because I feel like there will be character changes once romance is thrown into the mix.

Wendilynn: I loved when she threw Hyun Min to the floor to make him apologize to his grandfather. That was classic. I’m pretty sure he’s smitten. He seemed startled when she threw those guys around who wouldn’t pay for their delivery. She just won’t act like the other girls he knows. Later when he tries to act like the hero and it just goes over her head because she was focused on the real consequences. You could see he was totally lost. He had no clue how to impress her. It's possible that they may wimp her out later, but I hope for the best. Its her job to shape them up.

Ajummah: At the end of episode two, the manager tells her the only rule is not to date. I KNEW as soon as he said that, she was going to start liking someone. My question is WHO? I think they are jerks right now. Which in dramaland means the female lead is required to like them *sigh* Who hopes she ends up with the manager *raises hand* Those 4 Knights...they should be called the 4 ogres.

Firnlambe: So are we coming to the conclusion that the manager is our 4th knight? I was discussing that with Wendilynn while we were watching the episodes and while I'm leaning towards him being the last, we haven’t been shown definitive proof. We could very well have someone from Ha Won’s past pop up unexpectedly.

Wendilynn: I’m all for Grandpa’s personal assistant being our 4th Knight. He’s a snob, too.

Ajummah: I don’t know if they did his (the manager’s) backstory yet. I do think he’ll be the 4th knight though. I feel like now that Ha Won has decided to move in, the story will REALLY begin. I wonder what her step mom and sister will say when they find out where she went. WIll they care? Will her father come to apologize? Which knight will make a move on her (officially) first? All these questions are running through my mind and I’m mad that I have to wait until next Friday to watch it.

Wendilynn: Oh, the girls will be livid. Step sister already considers one of these guys hers. That’s what she was all pissed about after the wedding. How dare little sister be the lottery girl. She was even there that night as part of the singing group. I expect we’ll see her try to con her way into getting access to the boys. Right now, the boy I like best is Seo Woo. He’s a good kid, he’s just a celebrity right now. He’s not an arrogant prick. Which means, of course, that he can’t possibly be our first or second leads. Lol

Firnlambe: Yeah, I’m getting a distinct “Jeremy” feeling from him . . . but who knows he may put on more moves once she starts living there full time. I’m with totally with Ajummah on this though--Friday can’t come soon enough. I DEMAND ANSWERS!!

So what are your thoughts, fellow watchers? Do you think Ha Won will fall for the manager or will she end up with the 3 hot heads. Thanks for reading this week’s episode of the drama club and be sure to check back next week as we discuss the next episodes of Cinderella and The 4 Knights.

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