Welcome dear Courtiers. Our kingdom never ceases to have it's moments of confusion and romance around every turn and our Knights in shining armor are lining up to answer the unspoken call to help dear, sweet, naive Cinderella . . . . but are they due to the moments born from crisis or the moments of confusion? Join Ajummah, Wendilyn and Firnlambe as they discuss week 3 of Cinderella and Four Knights.

Wendilynn: This show is going to kill me. It's so freaking adorable. Even when there is conflict, you can’t help but get a little fangirl squeal in. How in the world are they doing it?

Ajummah: I was squealing all over the place. I still want Eun Ha Won to end up with Seo Woo but man! Going back and forth between Hyun Min and Ji Woon had my heart fluttering, lol. Especially the shower scene. I thought they were going to kiss!

Firnlambe: This show is determined to kill me in a slow agonizing death. I can’t choose who I want her to ideally end up with and who I feel may not like where some of the predictions I tossed around my head may lead them (but more on that later). I really enjoyed how much the writers had the boys grow individually in their relationships with Ha Won. Each man had his moment of “alone time” where she got to work her naive magic and all the feelz were glorious. Personally I’m torn between Hyun Min and Ji Woon--with Ji Woon just barely squeaking out a head.

Wendilynn: I can’t pick one. I love all four of them now. The beginning with the funeral rites for the dads really pulled me in. You got to see how each one was truly struggling and hurting because their dads were gone. You then learned how Cinderella was never allowed to honor her mom. Then Ji Woon sneaks in and lays one of Ha Won’s roses on his dad’s picture, just like she left one at his Mom’s. I mean… the feelz just in the beginning of this week’s episodes were a lot. And…is anyone else suspicious that our Secretary is really the son of Wife number 5?

Ajummah: I think at this moment...Ji Woon is still doing things to protect Hye Ji (which is what Hyun Min said) BUT he’s starting to have feelings for Ha Won. He doesn’t want to admit it because he’s stubborn as all get out, but something’s brewing. And actually I am suspicious of our dear Secretary. Did you notice how he acted when he ran into Madam? What went on there? And at the rate this drama is going, Ha Won could be an heir. Her father is looking for her real dad, right? What are the chances that it turns out she’s related to one of the Kang cousins? I think I’d scream for real if that happened.

Firnlambe: //cracks knuckles// OK! Multiple points from both of you to address.

  1. I totally saw the odd moment between Madam Pompous and our loveable secretary. At first I thought it may have been one of those, ‘Oh she’s a cougar and there was some unnecessary feeling still lingering in the air’, but then Wendilynn mentioned to me--as I was watching--her son theory. And that makes perfect sense. He’s around the correct age, and I can totally see that Witch only marrying the Chairman to raise her status...that and then she made the comment “wouldn’t it be nice if you had a legitimate son right now”, and I was sold on the theory.
  2. Ha Won is bound to be related to one of the cousins, and my money is on Hyun Min. If nothing else because his witch of a mother is so paranoid about him “securing his rightful position as heir”.
  3. I can’t wait for next week's blowout. It’s going to be an epic explosion of misunderstandings. My heart may not be able to handle it without muting the screen and covering up everything but the words, but dammit! If that’s how I get thru the pain so be it.

Wendilynn: I also buy the idea that Hyun Min could be a half brother simply because of the comment about how his dad was a philanderer. How JI Woon and Ha Won’s moms died on the same day and that two of the sons died in a car accident. That’s too many coincidences there. Before i comment on the final scenes, I want to say that I loved how Yoon Sung kicked out Step Mom and Sis from the house. The look on the housekeepers face when she knew who they were was so telling. Seems the staff understands how they’ve mistreated Ha Won all this time. Everyone is getting very protective of our dear sweet little girl. To the point that each of them showed up at her graduation to either help or protect. Mind you… I hope we don’t have Hye Ji jump off the deep end. She needed to know that the fiancee stuff was fake. But after that final scene, I”m not so sure she will believe that it was the truth.

Ajummah: Hye Ji is a strange character. I know this is a drama but OMG CAN’T SHE GET HERSELF TOGETHER!?!? She wanted Ha Won to disappear because she thought she was Hyun Min’s fiance. Okay, fine. But now she knows that Ha Won was just faking and she’s acting like this? I heard Hyun Min (along with everyone else who was in the school) confess to Ha Won & get rejected. Something tells me that Hye Ji is still (somehow) going to blame Ha Won. Like do you think he can do no wrong? I don’t know where that particular storyline is going but she’s going to have to confront him for once and for all and move on, or so help me, I’m going to pull all my hair out! *end rant*

Firnlambe: YEEEES!!! Hye Ji’s story line needs to tank straight down into an inferno and burn a fiery death. She is like a roller coaster of emotions and I don’t want to ride anymore. I’d rather latch onto the messed up family conundrum and ignore her . . . but I know that’s not meant to be. //sigh// I agree though with Wendilynn on how the housekeeping staff handled Ha Won’s “family”. That was a riot and I wish they would have done something more to humiliate them.

Wendilynn: Did you catch the bit about Hye Ji’s brother dying? And she mentioned earlier that Hyun Min changed after some event. I think we’ve just found one of Hyun Min’s triggers. The other being abandoned by his mom to that house. Gosh, the bad news was coming in spades this week. Which is why I love all the guys now. I can totally get each of them. Ji Woon isn’t really committed to chasing Ha Won yet and she knows it, shower scene notwithstanding. And Ha Won knows that Hyun Min really likes Hye Ji and not her. So I don’t think she’s going to really buy his confession… at least, I hope not.

Ajummah: I don’t think she will either. I wonder how many hurt feelings and misunderstandings this whole scene will cause. Did we all laugh at Ha Won’s family when the Secretary had security remove them? How long is Ha Won going to let them just do whatever they want, I wonder? Honestly I rather just focus on what’s going on in Sky House then all these other side stories.

Firnlambe: How that horrid "mother" and daughter were able to just waltz into Sky House still baffles me, but like I said it last week (and I’ll say it again) I’m not going to try and guess where things go next week. They leave the end of the episodes off in such a way that it honestly could go in any direction and we would never see it coming. Each character is so unpredictable. I really hope though, that they throw us a bone for episode 7 and add give us dialog that was not aired during episode 6. And it better be something that will help calm things, because otherwise I can’t see anyone leaving that recording studio unscathed.

Wendilynn: So far, their MOO has been to give us one version of the scene for the cliff hanger and then totally change it for the opening scene. So I pray our girl stays strong, cause if they are dating and they turn out to be siblings, I don’t need more Winter Sonata hysterics. Lol

Ajummah: I don’t want that to happen either. I need Ha Won to pull one of her wrist flip things she’s always giving Hyun Min and jet out of the recording studio with Ji Woon.

Speaking of recording studios...what the what with that whole scene with the girls trying to harm Ha Won? My goodness! I was pissed! Why didn’t Ha Won fight her way out of there like she does with the Kang cousins? I thought for sure she would snatch someone’s hair or throw a punch or something!

What are your thoughts Courtiers? Were you upset that Ha Won didn't stand up for herself in the recording studio? Will Ha Won finally be able to befriend  Hye Ji, or has Hyn Min ruined any chance at the budding friendship? And will our 4 knights be able to defend Cinderella in the upcoming storm the accidental live broadcast is sure to bring about? Let us know in the comment section below what you think, we'd love to see what others have brewing in their own "theories kitchen"

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