Welcome back, Courtiers, to an another week of heartache with Cinderella and the 4 Knights. In case you missed out on things, here’s a quick recap. Ji Woon confessed to Ha Won. They kissed *squee*. Seo Woo is recovering from being rejected by Ha Won and Hyun Min and Hye Ji are still having love life issues. What happened this week? Join Ajummah, Firnlambe and Wendilynn as they discuss the highs and lows of this week’s Cinderella and the Four Knights!

Ajummah: Before I flip out over the negative things during these episodes, let me be happy with the moments Ha Won and Ji Woon were together. How cute was that? The cooking scene where Ji Woon stole a kiss and when Ha Won tossed Ji Woon under the table because Seo Woo was coming in, too sweet.

Wendilynn: When Ji Woon was being sweet, he’s such a snugabug. Frankly, when they are all being sweet, you want to snuggle in. I did really enjoy how affectionate Ji Woon and Ha Won are. They are a good match.

Firnlambe: dies from the adorableness of it all This pairing is my favorite. I really enjoy that they are so open with how they feel in their relationship . . . well, for the most part. We can discuss that later though.

Ajummah: They really were. Sad that it didn't last long. I guess the kdrama gods had to have their way and break everyone's heart. Ji Woon and Ha Won break up. Grandfather/Chairman has a...what? Heart attack? Stroke? And our 4th knight is making questionable moves with the company.

Wendilynn: Grandpa’s liver finally failed. Hard to keep your body working when it's full of poison. The million dollar question, of course, is what did the Chairman know and WHAT IN THE HELL is Yoon Sung doing? Does Chairman know the relationship between Yoon Sung and his mother? What did the tie signify to the chairman? Did he think it was simply an affair or is he disappointed because he thinks Yoon Sung is not on his side? And why in the world is Yoon Sung doing what he’s doing? He did not strike me as the evil usurper role. I can’t even imagine him doing that. So what is he up to?

Firnlambe: I’m convinced our 4th knight is doing this in the best interest of company and the chairman. He has to be . . . he respects Grandfather too much. And if the writers move us in the opposite direction I’ll be pissed.

Ajummah: I really hope that doesn't happen. I am very confused about that storyline. Is he just doing this so his mother doesn't try to take over the company herself? Or has he fallen in line with her? Ugh.

Speaking of story lines, where are the writers going with Hye Ji and Hyun Min? They want to be together, obviously, but Hyun Min is still insisting they stay apart.

Wendilynn: I figure he’s going to stay out of her way. He’s just gotten her apprenticed, so she’ll be heading to paris or some such place to study and because a great designer. She’s going to have to be the one to bring him back to her. He won’t do it himself.

Firnlambe: NOBLE SACRIFICES FOR ALL! Ha Won gets a noble sacrifice! Hyun Min gets a noble sacrifice! Heck even Seo Woo gets a semi-noble sacrifice with him silently giving up his first love without any fan faire. sigh why does every character, who decides to commit this horrendous act, always fail to realize it causes them more harm than good?

Ajummah: So wait, let me lay this out. The Madame was having dinner with her son and the Chairman saw them. He thinks they're having an affair (maybe) and strokes out or liver fails at that EXACT time. Madame overhears Ha Won talking about how this is all her fault and plays on that to not only have her leave the house, but never see Ji Woon again. She mentioned something about Ha Won not being in the same class as them (which is funny because she isn't in the same class herself). Ha Won believes everything Madame says and leaves (what happened to my headstrong no one will push me around, lead). The whole last episode was 1 big misunderstanding. Ugh.

Wendilynn: The stunt that the Madame pulled was a low blow. Really awful. I think her aim was to get Ji Woon out of the way by playing on his anger at what happened to his mother by playing up what is happening with Ha Won. She needs the boys distracted to have this chance to give Yoon Sung the company. I’m still just shaking my head at what Yoon Sung looks like he’s doing. Please, please don’t be a jerk. I”m hoping that he’s really doing what he can to protect the company from his mother. He simply cares too much about the Chairman to betray him. I’m not surprised that it seems that Ji Woon may be the only donor match. But, even I would feel conflicted after seeing my parents trade love notes in a random cafe over the years.

Firnlambe: Yeah, I’m not sure how I’d feel if I was in the same situation. I feel though, that he’ll go through with it simply because now he knows his father didn’t just abandon them. I really enjoyed the fact that he was able to put that aspect of his past behind him, and move on--or at least attempt to move on. We all know how Ji Woon is when it comes to his grudges.

Ajummah: I really hope this negative stuff gets resolved quickly and we can get back to the sweet and cute. I really want that.

Wendilynn: That would be nice, but I have to say I laughed quite a bit to see our two Steps struggling. I sort of wish they would resolve that in a better fashion. I feel they are only giving us token moments, but since Daddyeo kicked them out to the porch, I guess they are suffering enough. BTW….. that ring.. That just happens to belong to a woman who died on the same day as Ha Won’s mom….who just wanted to give it to her son…. Pinky, Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Firnlambe: I think so Brain . . . but then I would have to know what pondering is, wouldn’t I? //smirk//

I do agree with you though. It’s clearly belongs to Ji Woon’s mother. But that brings to light a question. I thought his mother died in a car crash, or was that just his father. I’m now second guessing if they even told us how she died.

Ajummah: I thought she died in a crash too. I also thought Grandfather said he had another son out there, which means a potential grandchild that could be a match. Did they just drop that storyline? There are a lot of questions that haven't been answered yet.

Wendilynn: Of the three sons, one committed suicide and two died in a car accident. We assumed mom probably did as well, but all we really knew was that she died the same day as Ha Won’s mom. I’m hoping the “son” comment was in regards to Yoon Sung now that he married Madame. The writers have done an excellent job of leaving us hanging as we enter the last two episodes. This thing could just go in any direction still.

Firnlambe: Gah!!! So many possibilities so little time!!!

So what do you think Courtiers? Will Yoon Sung betray the Chairman and take over the company? Will Ji Woon be a match and be able to save the Chairman? Or will something else happen that will surprise us all? Tune in next week to catch the latest episodes of Cinderella and Four Knights!

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