[caption id="attachment_16797" align="alignleft" width="409" caption="Cinderella Man"][/caption] Everyone loves a fairytale. Life lessons get passed on from generation to generation with stories of youngsters defying odds, forgiving wrongs, and working hard. Between The Prince and The Pauper and Cinderella, no other fairytale has been retold as much as these two. Girls the world over relate in one way or another to Cinderella and her unfortunate life....and they all wish to meet their prince charming. And everyone can learn a lesson or two from The Prince and the Pauper. Well, these K-dramas have just what you need to escape to a world were you'll always get the guy(or girl),and your mean step mother/sister/father/brother will get what's coming to 'em! Read on for  Cinderella/Prince and Pauper fairytale -esque dramas DramaFever has to offer! Goong S: Starring Kpop's unofficial prince as...well a prince, this Cinderalla tale puts the figurative glass slipper on the foot of it's male star Choi Dong Wook better known as Se7en.  Kpop fans will love the awesome soundtrack, and get a kick out of Se7en and his shenanigans! Shining Inheritance: A great romantic drama that takes a bright eyed look at the Cinderella story, Shining Inheritance is the perfect drama if you're looking for prince charming and a happy ending! Cinderella Man: While it's titled "Cinderella Man" this drama is actually a rendition of the famed story 'The Prince and the Pauper". A great romance, with lots of style and eye candy (DOUBLE dosage of Kwon Sang Woo!) this drama is a definite crowd-pleaser! Goong: A romantic comedy, Goong preceded it's unofficial spin-off Goong S, this Cinderella Story is a mix traditional and modern day, an absolute fairytale complete with a palace fit for a princess! [caption id="attachment_16799" align="alignleft" width="340" caption="My Girl"][/caption] My Love Patzzi: Did you ever stop to think that maybe Cinderella isn't as sweet and kind as she's been made out to be? What if, in actuality, our dear Cinderella was a conniving and jealous fox of a girl who just knows how to play everyone around her. What if, that evil step sister of hers, was just a victim of her sisters twisted ways? Well My Love Patzzi turns the fairytale on its head, and is a great choice for anyone who's fallen victim to the schemes of a so called "innocent". My Girl: Such a fun drama, My Girl subtly approaches the Cinderella story by taking bits and pieces here and there. While most dramas convey their damsel as a beauty who's helpless to the world's evil, My Girl has a plucky main character who takes the bull by the horns...and takes it to a china shop. Quirky and fun, this drama gives new perspective to happily ever after and whether or not Cinderella actually needs her prince to be happy. Cinderella's Sister: A fascinating plot, the same way My Love Patzzi gives a peek into the 'what if', Cinderella's Sister goes into the 'why'. No one ever asks why were Cinderella's sisters so mean. No one cared. Well, in this drama, you get to explore that very aspect of what makes the step-sister such a meanie, and possibly start to feel some empathy for her. A great melodramatic drama about the other side of the coin. [caption id="attachment_16798" align="alignright" width="287" caption="Stairway to Heaven"][/caption] Stairway to Heaven: Possibly the quintessential Cinderella story in all of Kdrama, Stairway to Heaven is a masterpiece of it's time. If this does not touch your heart, you are evil and cannot be saved. While encompassing each and every Kdrama Convention, with all Characters of Korean Drama present, this Cinderella tale is too good to pass up. Love, revenge, sacrifice, it's all here. Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo are the perfect Prince and Cinderella, making for a  great drama for anyone looking to get hooked.