cinderella_newsToday we uploaded Cinderella Man, a 21st-century retelling of the “Prince and the Pauper” set in the world of high fashion. Hallyu star Kwon Sang Woo (Sad Love Story, Bad Love) and Yoon Ah of hit Kpop girl group Girls' Generation/SNSD star in this story of two men who decide to switch lives.

One is a brash, street smart orphan who makes his living copying designer fashions and selling them at a market clothing stall. The other is the apathetic grandson of the owner of a large fashion brand with secret dreams of being a chef. When Oh Dae San (Kwon Sang Woo) and Lee Jun Hee (also Kwon Sang Woo) meet by chance one day, they realize that they look exactly alike, and an idea sparks in Jun Hee's brain - what if he enlists this poor look-alike to take his place for a day? Pressured by his stepbrother and stepmother to give up his rights to his grandmother's business, Ju Hee recently discovered some mysterious circumstances surrounding his birth, and wants to investigate his family background in secret, so he decides to hire Dae-san to distract attention for a day. Dae San, meanwhile, initially resistant to the idea, has become caught up in the financial difficulties of the daughter (Yoon Ah) of a recently-deceased friend of his who owned a neighboring shop, and will do anything to help her. What neither of them realize, however, is that they are actually identical twins separated at birth, and that switching lives for a day might not end there...Han Eun Jung of Full House costars as a beautiful fashion designer. Watch Cinderella Man now!