Welcome, everyone, to what promises to be an exciting mind-bending drama! Please join myself, E-Kun and Unnichan as we slowly unravel the links between our brave new worlds in Circle: Two Worlds Connected 


Circle: Two Worlds Connected

Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Gong Seung Yeon

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E-Kun: I feel like my brain exploded 20 times through the course of these 2 episodes! What an intriguing and captivating concept for a show. Super excited to see Kim Kang Woo again and I am always, deeply, emphatically ecstatic to see Yeo Jin Gu! But putting that aside - if I were a kid that saw what they did in the first five minutes of the show, that would have been the end of me.

Unnichan: EXACTLY! And that is why my heart goes out to Bum Gyun Hyung. I know that he seems unhinged but that’s because he is. No one believes him or understands his misgivings. That causes him to be hysterical and I can’t even blame him. I’m also enjoying the concept in that we don’t really know much. All we can do is follow along and connect pieces and make deductions and assumptions based on what makes sense as it correlates to what we are privy to.

AkuaSage: My first impression is that Smart Earth is a hot mess! Whenever anyone starts implanting chips in people, claiming that they have a superior way of controlling humans I KNOW it’s gonna be ugly. Can I just say that I’m so glad to see cutie Lee Ki Kwang in another drama! I’m looking forward to figuring out if he’s friend or foe. I’m also wondering about the quick flash to the “Neuro experimentation” on Ji Hyuk’s board. Does that have anything to do with Smart Earth? I’m intrigued by all the different characters, unraveling the relationships, second-guessing if anyone is really whom they say they are and looking forward to being generally confused and shocked on a regular basis!

E-Kun: I love it! I have already drawn up a few hypotheses myself. Bum Gyun is a very disturbed man with justification. On the other hand, my heart goes out to Woo Jin who has suffered the repercussions of his brother’s hysteria. He indeed lived through the same experiences as hyung, but definitely perceived, processed, and programmed it all differently. It is no secret or rocket science, but it always fascinate me how 2 people can live in the same house and be so different.

Unnichan: Trauma can manifest itself in different ways and that is what has happened here, but I’m not exactly sure why. I’d like to chalk it all up to personality or disposition and while that’s a factor, it feels like Woo Jin made a choice early on. What fascinates me is that Woo Jin was the believer and Bum Gyun the skeptic. He wasn’t the one that should have been susceptible to his emotions or fantasy but once things went sideways with Dad, he lost it. Woo Jin on the other hand, ignored all the signs, accepted his reality and chose to move on. It’s interesting. Very interesting; the choices we make in life. And sometimes at extremely young ages. But the most interesting this is what all this has to do with Min Ji’s kidnapping. And isn’t it just awful the man that was raising her was one of them? I just can’t understand how anyone would allow a man-made computer system to control them, let alone think wise for a victim and their assailant to be together in that same “brave new world.” Thought this place was supposed to perfect?

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AkuaSage: You’re right Unnichan - trauma indeed manifests itself in different ways between people who experience the same drama and it also changes within each individual over time. Woo Jin spoke about PTSD’s treatment as the removal of negative memories. What connection does that have with what is now Smart earth? Also, I want to know how Woo Jin even ended up on that mountain and why he was talking about aliens in the first place. From what we can gather, Woo Jin had some insider knowledge or sense that aliens were real. How? Was this a regular occurrence? Is that why Bum Gyun knew where he was? Why were two small boys out that late anyway! Curiouser and curiouser.

E-Kun: Let me talk about that mind control chip. How is this ever a good idea?! “Let’s all willingly give you control over my emotions for the ‘greater good’?” I call BS on the play! But what I found interesting is that Woo Jin discussed memory loss/forgetting with Professor Ahjussi and that is more or less what they are doing with people, yes? Erasing memories, making them forget bad things, taking away the freedom to process and act on emotion. While I love the idea of people using rationale, but this is definitely an extreme. I am also asking the question of how Min Ji’s kidnapping plays a role in all this. At this point it seems like apple and oranges, but it gives me certain ideas of who this “chairman” character is.

Unnichan: This chip isn’t anything I would accept, even being extremely rational myself. It doesn’t even sound appealing. The number one issue being that there’s no way anyone is putting a chip in anything without recording and taking notes and collecting data. By disrupting mental and emotional processes, it shifts human interaction altogether and ultimately must inevitably profile individuals as well. There’s no way it doesn’t. Not only does a perfect world not exist, if this system was created by a human being, it’s fallible and has specific intent that can’t be beneficial to every being. And just technically speaking is able to be cracked and manipulated. Which is something I know we are going to encounter in the course of this story.

E-Kun: Exactly. And another “wtf”... they pay for it! Apparently, it costs to live in the new world. Moving along - this alien girl. I don’t even know how to process what is going down. Is the girl in his class the girl who “stole” daddy? Is she a help or foe? Is she responsible for these deaths? Why did she look at Gum Byun differently than Woo Jin? There is so many ??? in my eyes, and I know it is the first 2 episodes, but I am burning with so many questions! Especially since we caught her on video!

AkuaSage: Mind control is never a good idea nor is giving of yourself over to other humans. What is the connection between the twins and our Detective? Is he really their younger brother? Or is he one of the twins who was at one time a Smart Earther who decided that sinister goings-on were afoot and plucked the chip out himself? The shower scene showed a scar and the flashbacks to Gong Min’s death seem to suggest that Detective Kim used to have one too. Is that why he takes the pills? Perhaps that’s why he knows so much about Smart Earth and is constantly questioning the Human B’s powers.

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Unnichan: Well I was actually glad this last episode was called “beta testing” because that’s what I was thinking. That perhaps the first girl, Han Jung Yeon 2007 was a Beta product. Now what for and why? I don’t know. But I’m hard pressed to believe that in this world we’re supposed to just accept that this girl has nothing to do with that girl or these boys and is just a doppelganger. If she is, that is also with purpose. A Han Jung Yeon was in Hyung’s room but we don’t really know why she was there. Or if she’s who we think she is. I mean the Han Jung Yeon that we’ve met, comes across as fairly confrontational, so she may have just followed Hyung cause he’d been stalking her. She didn’t disrupt anything, she was just annoyed. So I’m truly just trying to keep all the possibilities in the air and one of those is that Han Jung Yeon 2017 doesn’t know (remember?) as much as we wish she did.

E-Kun: That indeed would be convenient if it were the case. While I ask my questions, my eyes and ears are open to many things. One last thing is Kim Joon Hyuk desire to infiltrate and find hyung in the new world. Show has already revealed that he was in the new world controlled by a chip at one point in time, he shows up out of nowhere 10 years ago, and he certainly knows a lot more than he leads on. Oh - and he is Woo Jin, no?

Unnichan: Perhaps it is convenient in that it connects us to Smart Earth. And I thought Kim Joon Hyuk was Woo Jin from the start. I felt that Kim Kang Woo gave us several clues that he was that same kid (LOVE HIM!). The only time I was uncertain was when Chief referred to “finding your brothers.” But now I wonder if that is more theoretical in that as Woo Jin, Joon Hyuk was in (and “chipped” by) Smart Earth at one point. And like Min Ji must have recovered some memories and possibly got kicked out? Also he eludes to the idea that this isn’t the first crime that has occurred in this world. Clearly we’re going to end up having an overlap because we need to know when the Smart Earth implementation happens and what is the catalyst to all of that. It’s exciting to see what the writer wants to say about human nature and how well we can be controlled. Min Ji has her chip but she was able to override it in order to get her justice. Or is was it that simple?

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E-Kun: I think it goes back to what you said about a perfect world not being possible because it was created by ‘man’. Since he is an imperfect being, how can he prevent crime? I mean, Min Ji’s past was so strong and rooted within her, it bubbled up to the surface - I am certain she is not the only one who was able to overcome the chip mind-control and do what they felt/wanted. I am looking forward to how this all unravels and continually draw me in from week to week.

AkuaSage: I’m excited for this drama. There’s a little bit of silliness laced in with the mystery. There’s a little bit of bromance strewn through there and a whole lot of hidden intentions. It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun!