Show has to me trippin’! Conclusions that were drawn are now in question, theories continue to formulate in the brain, and show literally threw a previous assumption out the window - damn! Find out what I am talking about as Unnichan, Akua, and I continue to go around in circles with Circle!

E-Kun: Forget last week’s brain explosions - this week show brought tears to my eyes, killed me, and hoodwinked me! Biggest discovery this week is Joon Hyuk is Bum Gyun! HOLY CRAP!

Akua: I can see that this drama is going to have my hair all laid up to the side!! My goodness! I wasn’t sure if Joon Hyuk was another unknown sibling or one of the twins (Woo Jin) or just someone who had a chip implanted and was out for vengeance/justice. But for him to be Bum Gyun!!! HOLD UP! HOLD UP! HOOOOOLD UP and pass the kimchi! This about to get real up in this joint!

Unnichan: Well I for one am ecstatic!!! *dancing in the streets* Bum Gyun had my heart, so I am overjoyed if this is really him and he survived. I was convinced he was Woo Jin because of his mannerisms but if this is really Bum Gyun that means he’s picked up these mannerisms from phantom memories and watching those tapes! Show I love you! I really, really love you! That also means the doctor they’re working with in Normal Earth is most likely the culprit Woo Jin and HJY-2017 were tracking down, Bum Gyun’s ally?

E-Kun: Well, aren’t they twins? While I think it is entirely possible to pick up the traits through those methods, we didn’t know too much of Bum Gyun other than he was “paranoid” and he was an ex-con. But I am just beside myself with this discovery! Normal Earth Doctor really could be cray cray girl from 2017;but I KNEW “Daddy Professor” was a fishy character. He was too immersed in what Woo Jin was saying about “forgetting” I hate to say anything after this Bum Gyun slap in the face, but I think he is a strong contender of being Human B.

Akua: Bum Gyun could never finish the Rubik’s cube and throughout all the episodes we’ve never seen him complete it. I think that while his memories may have been blocked, his personality wasn’t so the fact that he had all those mannerisms doesn’t necessarily mean that he memorized them from the tape. Character traits and personality don’t disappear that quickly even without memories. Daddy Prof’s demeanor toward Woo Jin was always weird to me. There was no apparent evidence to the contrary that Woo Jin wasn’t a flake but Daddy Prof always stood up for him. And when we see him looking at the cctv with Bum Gyun lying down on the stretcher????? Yeeeeah, he’s most definitely a bad guy to me.

Unnichan: Of course. But my point is that Show purposely set out to hold these things back; most things. Only dishing out traits that seemed to overlap, in order for us to draw our own conclusions, setting us up for this very reveal. I think that certain specific traits are entirely Woo Jin and not Bum Gyun, but twins have a tendency to fill in those blanks when the other isn’t present. I like that Show did that and used it as a red herring. Where Daddy Prof is concerned he must know the twins, from way back in 2007, with HJY-2007? He said he needed Woo Jin remember? Plus if he has HJY-2017, most likely he knows where she’d been and what happened to the boys’ father. From what we do know, we always have to factor in this chip. The thing is, I’m not quite ready to say he’s the Chairman (Human B). His Asst. Prof seems very keen on making a name for himself and creating havoc, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some hostile takeover occurs.

E-Kun: That Assistant Professor is an elitist snob! Every time he opens his mouth, I take a deep sigh. I too thought of that possibility, but Daddy Prof. is doing stuff he has no business in 2017. I would like to know why HJY-2017 has no memories either. It makes total sense that the first half of the show is called “Beta”... isn’t this all a test run? I am literally sick to my stomach at the thoughts people have thinking this is cool - like Lee Ho Soo! It took a lot out of me to hear him out… and he still got a “hell no” from me.

Akua: The robotic bug disturbed me to no end. Whatever chip it contained, I’m sure it’s a prototype of the Smart Care system but what is its connection to HJY-2017? Daddy Prof may have created it in an attempt to figure out what happened to her memories but if she really is an alien then how did they meet? And is she even an alien? Could she have been an android? Or is she really human and something horrific happened to her? My thoughts are all over the place and I’m loving it. So intrigued by all the characters including Lee Ho Soo. But y’all remember Matrix? Some people chose to go with the pill that left them in the imaginary world rather than in the real world because it was too hard. He’s one of them. It’s really interesting to me that he’s having problems with his memories returning now along with everyone else. Some glitch is in the system but is that a system issue or is someone else causing the glitches to start the downfall of Smart Earth?

Unnichan: That’s where I am. While I don’t personally agree with Ho Soo on this, being I contend that our memories are a part of who we are and considering and dealing with them in positive ways is best--- If individuals chose to wipe memories away, then I wouldn't try to strong arm them. Relying on reason seems a better course. Life is hard and painful but most survive and help others recover in healthy ways. Our pain shapes us, giving us empathy and compassion and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. Lee Ho Soo, however, is being commanded by fear and I am not for that. If he and others made sound reasonable decisions based on facts and desires, then fine but from the way this is being presented to us, that’s not the case. Seems to me more like it’s some Smart Earth fine print. This glitch might have to do with time. HYJ-2007 showed up and disappeared, then pops us 10 years later, with no memories. I wonder if there is time trap they didn’t anticipate or fix properly.

E-Kun: Thank you both for stating my point before I could elaborate on it - Smart Earth is not asking if these people want their memories wiped or altered; they are just doing it and that is why I have a problem. Look at how this whole situation with Mi Joo has turned out! How cruel is it that the man that possibly molested you as a kid became your caretaker in Smart Earth? Also, the symptoms seem to match up with those students who “committed suicide” in 2017 - headaches, nosebleeds, unusual behavior, etc. It is all pretty suspect. And now we know HYJ-2017 seems to be Bluebird 2037 unlocking all these memories - another reason I look at Daddy Prof. upside his head with suspicions laced in my eyes.

Akua: But is Bluebird 2037 also HJY-2017???!!!! And how did the Police Captain find Bum Gyun in the first place? Oooooh, I can’t wait for all of this to be unraveled!!!

Unnichan:Oh I definitely think it’s her or some form of her. At the present, we don’t know what she is, where she came from or who made her. All we know is that she is a “clone” of a girl with the same name/face in three different times. No amount of black eyeliner is going to make me believe she isn’t the same age as the other “girls” which means she doesn’t age. That in itself creates its own quandary and thread. My issue is that she didn’t recognize Bum Gyun. And while that’s entirely possible, being she didn’t interact with him nearly as much as she did Woo Jin, it causes me to question her memory even now. There’s a lot to take in and tons more to find out. Cause I still need to know what Woo Jin was doing in the woods. Did he see something? Is that why his family was chosen? Exciting stuff! *rubs hands together*

E-Kun: Well she was as stunned as we were to see Bum Gyun - I am curious if she was hoping he was Woo Jin. And now the biggie: What happen to Woo Jin? I see why this show is called “Circle” because things not only keep going around in my head, making the connections between now and the future to come full circle is thrilling too! I am loving this so much!

Akua: I can’t wait to see how this drama unfolds!!! Come on next week!


Circle: Two Worlds Connected

Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Gong Seung Yeon

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