Hey Circle Clubbers! It's time to say goodbye to our twin heroes, and I don't know about you, but their journey had me in tears this week. Not only were Kim Kang Woo and Yeo Jin Goo able to sell amazing vulnerability, longing, and tenderness, but the show was also able to tie up loose ends and give us life lessons, all the while teasing us with the possibility of a second season. 

Circle: Two Worlds Connected was tantalizing and thought-provoking but most of all endearing, as we watched two brothers sift through secrets and science in their struggle and search for one another. And while some of our characters don't make it to the credits, everyone learns the impact and power of sacrifice, greed, and choice.


Unnichan: Circle,Circle, Circle. Thank you for not keeping us going round and round, spinning in place or dangling in the wind! I believed that I would feel satisfied when this story ended and I can confirm, I feel exactly that. Questions were answers, theories confirmed and most of all, our twins are alive and together, with all their limbs and mental faculties intact.

E-Kun: This was my only hope - that the twins were reunited (and it feels so good) and that Human B went down! I think one of my favorite moments was when Ho Soo gave his press conference. While some of the content was “preachy,” I loved that he got to get it off his chest. All he needed was a mic to drop to make it do what it do...too much?

Unnichan: Never, girl. Never. Ho Soo let it all out, from the memory suppression to the murder and I think he was also able to relieve some guilt as well and that was great. But truthfully, what I think annoyed me the most about Human B was that it hadn't progressed much in 15 years. When WooJin-C3 walked back in and everything lit up I was livid! How could this jerk (Park Dong Geun) not have made any significant innovations even after producing 3 CLONES?! THREE! CLONES! He even dived off a building for this cube--- that I understand was beyond his human capacity to recreate but how could he not have had a fail-safe? A plan B? An extension or something that wouldn't make him look like such a total loser?Circle_FinalPDG.jpg

E-Kun: My question is how was this technology going to be utilized all over the world? We only have one cube - can it reach all over? That is some hella bomb wireless! Also, the cube’s technology was above his comprehension and only ran through Woo JIn. Making a clone is “easier” than actually figuring out the ins and outs of the cube. Even so, in those 15 years, I don’t think he would have got that far. What made me livid was when he jumped off the roof and I will tell you why. I know I am a mess, but I felt like it robbed Hyun Seok of the opportunity of making him “disappear.” I mean, Park always used emotional blackmail and fancy turn of phrases to manipulate the masses - and block their memories. I felt like Hyun Seok needed to “man up” and handle his. I am just saying…


Unnichan: I don't think he would have done much but from what we know, he didn't even try! What was the point of him being a researcher, a scientist in the first place? And that gets me to Hyun Seok… we finally learn why he's been willing to be a toilet paper holder all these years. And while my sympathy didn't run too deep for him, I understand that his guilt and fear was extorted by someone he respected. But that entire standoff I was wondering why no one, especially Hyun Seok, had taken the Chairman out but when he followed the cube, I found that much more fitting. He killed himself, with his obsession and greed; with his thirst and delusion for power. And I think overall that is the greatest reason he never made any true progress and was also so easily fooled in the end. He didn't realize that the thing that held his largest control was his Achilles' heel. The “trick” was so plain and simple, it's sort of ridiculous Park Dong Geun didn't think of it. But his arrogance in his authority of having access and control made him ripe for manipulation and I could do nothing but shake my head. 

E-Kun: But it just goes to show how Daddy, Gyu Chul, was right about the technology in the first place. Because it is run by humans, it could never achieve what him and his colleagues hoped for - not even if they were running it. Daddy was amazing and courageous for destroying something like that. It makes me curious why he did not erase/dispose of Woo Jin’s cube. Did that cop kill him before he did? Otherwise, it would just seem reckless to leave it as it was. But in some ways, it was very useful.

Unnichan: I was actually quite disappointed in Professor Han Yong Woo and his suppositions during that flashback. He truly believed all evil/evil doing originated in humanity because of memories. I understood the motivation to help the mentally ill, shoot, if you used it as reformation, I could accept that, but no crime, no evil? That's impossible with Mankind. And the chip proved that. On Smart Earth, humans still had negative impulses; they still got upset, violence still came to mind as an option, but a program subdued them. That can't be the type of perfect humanity anyone wants. What Daddy Prof should have being vying for was a world where humans never even thought to harm or dislike one another. And while I get he connected this to recognition, i.e. memory--- if no one ever had the thought in the first place, there’d be nothing to recall but positivity. And did Daddy know about the cube? All the information he knew about her abilities he realized through his laptop, right? We know HYJ-2007 approached him with erasing her memories but do we know she told him about the cube itself? In the end, I really appreciated Show kept with its theme of responsibility and autonomy and let us know HJY-2017-->2037 exists out of her own desires and choice.


E-Kun: Exactly. And I even loved how it ended the way it started in regards to Byul appearing in the middle of the night - essentially. The fact that it is happening 30 years later, and HYJ was feeling some kind of way was interesting.

Unnichan: Byul’s origin and identity was the one question that was never directly addressed, not to mention why Woo Jin was in the woods and certain an alien would appear in the first place. It's a mystery that is open ended yet tied up in such a way that I am pleased. Show responds to the question without truly answering or expounding and I like that. Plus, you know how fans love Season 2 speculations. Circle's narrative doesn't demand one but it's cute they harmlessly threw that out there. And if it happens, depending on the approach, who knows, I may be back to see what other mysteries and machines Show depicts.


E-Kun: Exactly. Joon Hyuk was baking cakes for Min Young, Woo Jin was flirting with HYJ, and the brothers were together again. That’s enough. Though, if they did do one, I would like for it to focus more on Ho Soo and his journey. We only saw a blip, but I would be curious to see his perspective from 2017 to 2037. More of a spin-off? Though, I was a bit sad over the whole Woo Jin situation. I understand he held Woo Jin’s memories, so it is him, but a small part of me was devastated and sad that Woo Jin 2017 really did end up dying. And the greediness of Park displayed when the clone was successful - disgusting is not even a good enough word to describe him in that moment. Yet another moment when the humanity continues to seep out of him one calculated move after another. I am glad it resolved like it did, but like I said, a little heartbroken as well.

Unnichan: I'd figured it’d be too good to be true for Woo Jin to live, however, how he died was hurtful. He was so determined and desperate and he never seemed to falter even though he was scared to pieces. Then he’s just knocked down, broken in the street. It was truly painful to see his hopes scattered. I find it so interesting how both boys were so brave, strong-willed and constant, like their father. But ultimately, what actually broke my heart was WooJin-C3 because he wakes up believing he's Woo Jin, then is told he’s just a prop, a component. How is one supposed to process that? And then to have your “brother” look at you like a stranger and act as if you don't matter? What I loved is that WooJin-C3 took all this in like a boss. He even apologized and true to Woo Jin’s character was ready and willing to sacrifice himself again. While I don't agree with the idea that having his memories made him Woo Jin, there's no way I could ignore him, simply because of how amazing Woo Jin was as a human being. WooJin-C3 possessed his essence and that was paramount. If I were to sum up all of this for me, this story was all about these brothers and their love for one another. It was beautiful to watch them fight for each other. Fight for a life together. Fight to be at the same place, in the same time.



Circle: Two Worlds Connected

Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Gong Seung Yeon

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