Hey Circle Clubbers! This week’s episodes are confirming suspicions and letting us see the “real crazy”! With every step, we’re going deeper and deeper into never-ending circles of greed, manipulation, confusion, betrayal and loss. Everyone’s questioning their reality as Circle: Two Worlds Connected slowly tip-toes us into a place that’s much scarier than any of us ever imagined. Join and comment below with E-kun, Unnichan and myself as we pull apart and piece together all the fragments from this dark and twisted world!


Circle: Two Worlds Connected

Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Gong Seung Yeon

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E-Kun: When something smells, it is best to believe it is rotting or rotten… That is you Park Dong Gun! Unnichan, our suspicions were valid in more than one way. If someone gives you reason to doubt, 2 minutes in the episode or 8 episodes later (Moo Bin in Fight My Way!), their dirt will always come to the light! Now my questions are: where is Kim Gyu Chul (Twin’s daddy), Han Yong Woo (Professor Daddy), and Woo Jin!?

Akua: When I say that I was NOT expecting Park Dong Gun to be THAT guy? You knew he was bad but not THAT bad? Right?Then again, it shouldn’t surprise me that he is as wicked as he is because his intentions were more materialistic than Professor Daddy whose madness was wound up with his mission to save the world! Park Dong Gun just wanted that lean, mean, green. And he roped his old lab assistant to help him hunh? These two are a piece of work. Oh, wait, speaking of pieces of work and art, our Chief Hong? That man really is Sherlock!

Unnichan: Hong is that indeed! From the moment I met him, I believed Park Dong Gun was all about that hostile takeover and it seems that's exactly what he did. Minister Park didn't surprise me in the least, I just appreciate the way Joon Hyuk found out, was out of the ordinary. As soon as Hong saw the painting, I knew he’d figured something out and I'm just glad he got to our hero in time. Park thinks he's always ahead of the curve but he has to remember he's working against a team of folks that are not under his mind control. And that not only changes his game but his world.


E-Kun: Dare I say it is heaven’s providence that he draws like crazy and he keeps his old drawings! Big ups to Chief for being a boss and doing so many boss like things. I always felt Dong Gun was a vulture - he comes and he picks off the work of someone else to survive. This man has become, from what we know, the most powerful man in Smart Earth. And most of the research was not his. I knew something was off in 2017 when Bum Gyun’s girlfriend (she is not really, but that is what I want to call her) tried to that video footage from him. But since we are back in 2017 - Professor Daddy is C-R-A-Z-Y! All these fools running around with god complexes is bonkers!

Akua: You’re right E-Kun. Vulture is correct. In fact, going with the theme of parasitic creatures (per that nasty robotic bug), we’ve got a lot of nasty characters! Professor Daddy is out and out mad. Simply insane. He’s driven by his savior complex to kidnap, forcefully insert untested experimental nastiness into young, vulnerable college students and kill multiple times - and be okay with it. ALL of it. What??? He needs to be locked up in a prison. Not a psych hospital but a prison! These episodes focused much more on the evil side which, oddly enough made it more anxiety filled. It’s one thing to watch with the good guys as they meander their way through the morass of scariness but when you see the bad guys manipulate everything? UGH! I just wanna shank somebody and fast! BTW, what happened to the trusty Ice Queen side-kick of Hyun-Seok?

Unnichan: Professor Daddy truly had a meltdown and it's interesting how he blames everything on Doctor Daddy. I also find it interesting that it's confirmed how little he knows about HJY-2007. That makes things kind of hard for us but I can see how it makes her life even worse. She's basically being blamed for everything that has or hasn't happened in the lives of several people, dead or alive since her appearance. Doctor Daddy seems to be the only researcher with a real conscious understanding of the liability and dangers of who and what HYJ-2007 was and could do and he must have done his level best to make her a “real” girl. And while that doesn't exempt him from performing unsanctioned, illegal experiments on the mentally ill, it begs the question of what type of man was he really? I don't believe he abandoned his kids or set out to hurt anyone, especially given his guinea pigs were in psychiatric treatment, but it’ll be pretty nice to find out what the man was thinking.


E-Kun: At this point, it is not important what she is up to. We have our chairman and the real sidekick doing what they have set out to do since the beginning - that is to stop HJY-2037 from doing anymore damage to their “perfect world” by unblocking people’s memories. If they can stop her, then they would be able to continue to do all the things they are doing to cover up the fact that their plan is total boo-boo. I am just finally glad and raising my hands in praise to the drama gods Ho Soo has seen the light! He now understands the utter folly in his previous thinking, and I am glad that he seems to be more like real person. Professor Daddy mentioned how this could get rid of all the bad emotions like anger, hurt, etc. But why are those things so bad to experience? Without the balance, you could become emotionless like HJY-2007. She seemed to lack all sorts of feelings and emotions. So did Ho Soo pre-memory recovery.

Akua: I’m so glad that HJY-2037 is brilliant! That trap would have finished her good deeds off. How she’s managed to live all these years under the radar proves Crazy Professor Daddy’s point about her mad intelligence skills. Who is she really? What is Byul? The more we see her, the more I need to know about her and the less suspicious she becomes. I’m glad that Woo Jin was finally able to see in her somewhat of a companion because those scenes with Halmoni just about broke my heart. His missing “crazy” brother is enduring unknown torture at the hands of Crazy Professor Daddy, his Daddy is missing and could be a maverick neuroscience experimenter and his Halmoni has dementia. WHAT??? How much more does he have to suffer? I was rooting for him after he cracked those two nut jobs in the head and super curious about how the smart house unlocked itself when the twins both ended up there! Obviously it was encoded into the system but, why and by whom? Exciting!

Unnichan: Every time Professor Daddy spoke about getting rid of the bad memories, etc, my eyebrows furrowed because there is so, so much wrong with this line of thinking. And I'm glad that Smart Earth 2037 brings one major point to fruition through Min Ji and Ho Soo. I think it's very easy to look at things one dimensionally and conclude “Yay! No bad memories! No crime! No sadness!” But in actuality your memories help much more than they hinder. And his argument regarding the mentally ill just made me cringe. Woo Jin has been put in a huge jam and he, for one, is a prime example that whether or not you dwell on bad memories or experiences, it doesn't change your circumstances. However, those experiences can motivate and help you navigate your present. That's also what troubled me about HYJ-2037’s argument for Woo Jin being the Chairman. With the house, I'm not positive we can be sure who is doing what but our largest clue is that the hub or sensor is a star(byul). And there still has to be an unknown person and variable we’ve yet to touch.


E-Kun: Daddy or Byul set that up so that if they were both there, it would give them the information that is needed. Kim Gyul Chul may have done some things that were questionable in the name of science, and his pride, but it is evident that he, and his offsprings, are no fools. It broke my heart when they were finally together again! I swear I can have the show end right there, but I know that is not the ultimate premise for the show. See Unnichan? They gave us a bit of happy after that tragic ambulance scene. Show cares. It really does. *tear tear*

Akua: At the heart of this drama is a deep conundrum - what are the powers of memories? Just because you can’t recall them doesn’t mean that your inherent personality has changed, nor does it mean your life is fuller. Stripping people of their memories, strips them of parts of themselves that they can never find so doesn’t it minimize their capacity to live? What about the opposite? Unblocking someone’s memories could be even more traumatizing than when they had them in the first place because they have the constant shock of realizing the horrible parts of themselves or of others that they wish to forget. How do you live when your memories come back? There are many theories of course but did all these people choose to have their memories blocked?

Unnichan: Hahaha E-Kun. I think I want a little more care than Show is willing to give, however, it was wonderful to have the boys together; Woo Jin to apologize and Bum Gyun to be ALIVE! [Lawrd! Every episode I'm afraid for that kid.] But, the thing about memories is that we can only strip, erase, block and suppress---- Memories don't actually disappear. They can't not exist because they did. They happened. Every single process or angle to expunge leaves residue. There's no way around that. And like you said, Akua, add to that our core personalities and at the very end what has truly been accomplished? Makes me wonder if Show is painting an argument for depravity? Especially given the whole injustice-responsibility theme this week.


E-Kun: Akua, I think that is evident the trauma is significant based on Ho Soo, Min Ji, and her Smart Earth daddy/2017 kidnapper. I think we have all come to the conclusion that despite the fact if the memories are good or bad, they shape and define one as a person. We all have to make choices from something as trivial as breakfast in the morning to life altering moves like marriage and whatnot. I mean, if it was so great why isn’t dear old chairman putting himself under the knife for this treatment? Because he still wants the ability to have free will and not be controlled. He is a dictator of 2037! Also, look how Woo Jin’s meddling in 2017 has turned his former student Dong Soo into 2037 hacker! I wonder if he knows if Joon Hyuk aka Bum Gyun (?) is Woo Jin’s brother.

Akua: Yup, memories are in our minds - forever. It’s all about how we access them and dear old Chairman didn’t dare mess around with his cranium! Ha Ha! Instead he went around manipulating people and I know he has to pay for his crimes. Both he and his #1 henchman should experience the original robotic bug that tears up their brains and not a chip! I pray we find Woo Jin alive, well, un-chipped and ready to work alongside our motley crew to take down the Chairman and all of Smart Earth! #becausesmartearthsucks. Also, they’re all going to need serious therapy after this! Good grief!

Unnichan: It doesn't behoove our Chairman in any way to have a chip, if only to preserve and observe “the science.” It's amazing how greedy and superior people love to be. But let's be honest, the reality of Smarth Earth Unlocked seems pretty fatal in its own ways as well. Can't wait to see what Show has in it's hard drive for us next week! I know the boys’ reunion will be quick, I just hope it’ll gives us a little solace for whatever 2037 may hold.


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