Circle continues to keep us addicted each week, and constantly have us asking questions about human motives, advanced society, and the deal with god complexes! In the obsessive need to "advance humanity" and our quality of life, it seems Human B, and its constituents, have lost sight of humanity and any bit that remained within it... So now, is it just _______B? While Akua is away, Unnichan and I delve into another round table about this week's episodes.

E-Kun: Scared. I am always scared of what is going to happen next. Seriously, Circle plays into my paranoia of the demise of humanity. All this nonsensical talk of being “in the name of science” is getting old. Just be straight with me… it is always about money, power, and respect. At least we know that is the agenda of Dong Gun. Though, I have to admit - he deserves a golden globe for his acting skills when talking to Woo Jin. Girl!

Unnichan: It’s true that in 2017 at least we are dealing with two different ideologies: power and “freedom.” I think that can align with respect in some ways too. The thing is I’ve always wondered about this third element and now we have one recognizable face behind Human B (Jung Suk Won). I’m certain that their goal is the same as Minister Park but then again, perhaps there is more to it all. Golden Globes were being dished out this week, first to Park Dong Gun and then to Song Young Kyu, ‘cause Doctor Daddy is lit beyond repair. He was already melting last time we saw him, so just imagine the ooze as he’s been confined with the science for who knows how long. There are so many variables Smart Earth/Human B/The Chairman haven’t been able to rectify that there’s no way it wouldn’t take it’s toll on anyone with an obsession but then add the fact that Dr. Han Yong Woo was in a 10 year tailspin way back in 2017?

It’s a wonder they didn’t have him in a straitjacket.

E-Kun: Seeing Suk Won made me so excited that I literally spit out my drink! It has been so long since I have seen him. They can’t do that, UC. I mean even though all his faculties are not intact, he does know too much. I would have thought they would have killed him, but for real real - Dong Gun isn’t responsible for anything but a glorified plagiarism, so Professor Daddy might have been to some use. I am glad that show revealed one more thing to us. Now the questions is: what happened to daddy, Kim Gyu Chul, and did they really see Woo Jin on the steps towards the end?

When they revealed that the star held his memories, I had a suspicion that the program had to run through him. What made me sick to my stomach was Dong Gun’ BS he was throwing at HYJ-2037. That is what made me constantly question the motive of this program and if all humanity has disappeared from him in the name of science.

Unnichan: To be fair, he is the one that created the blue bug. It’s true all the data wasn’t his and he had no clue what they’d planned to use it for, but he did make it. And he was trusted to do so. What was interesting was he got Hyun Seok to hitch his wagon to him by selling him on the science and “freedom” of discovery and research, but now, all Hyun Seok is, is a glorified store manager! I mean really?! Also when Dong Gun locked Professor Daddy Han in the storage he threatened him with “what happened to Kim Gyu Chul.” So I’m thinking he knows what occurred with him and like I’ve always believed, he’s probably dead. What we know is he wiped HYJ-2007’s memories and disappeared. But she shows up in a hospital without him. I’d like to think Human B did something but they needed him so that wouldn’t make too much sense unless a torture session went sideways. Either way, HYJ-anytimeperiod isn’t to blame for what monsters wanted/tried/succeeded to do with her knowledge. And it’s not her responsibility to give them what they want. She wants to save Woo Jin (if he’s really alive) but that doesn’t mean she has to succumb to Minister Park’s greedy demands.

E-Kun: And isn’t his demand an assumption? Sure HYJ-2007 did something inexplicable, but if we jump start her memories now, who's to say she would help you? In any event, show gave me peace and solace in one episode and ripped it away the next! Of course I am talking about Woo Jin and Bum Gyun coming together again. As everything is starting to come full circle (no pun intended), it was nice to see them reunited. Even if we are drawing closer to the last time.

Unnichan: Girl, you knew that reunion was going to be short-lived (hard side eye). But the thing about HYJ-2007 is that her memories, in whatever form they come, should be helpful in some shape. To me it’s not really about her memories per se, but tapping into who and what she really is. By disconnecting her from her memories, Doctor Daddy short-circuited any recollection of her own innate capabilities. I think HYJ-2037 is functioning on her intelligence but not her other abilities which is quite interesting. Dong Gun makes the comment that is doesn’t matter where she came from (and for that matter, what she is) because she’s human enough to be of use. I find this aspect interesting as well because that truly means that a central piece is being glossed over--- HJY-2007 could have had a real family; a place where she belongs but she was snatched up and abused. Of course, that’s all conjecture because I truly believe Dong Gun knows things but he doesn’t have many answers to the questions we want the answers to. He latched onto something that he felt would give him the superpower and recognition he wanted. And for now he’s got it. Just a shame he doesn’t know how to maintain it.

E-Kun: Exactly. Look how frantic he was when the “supercomputer” aka what we believe to be Woo Jin broke down? Also, you were right about Hyun Seok… he really is just following the breeze. At least for most, his “no nonsense” girl counterpart has a reason. While it is not excused, it is somewhat understandable. Can I just say how much Ho Soo has manned up and impressed me? While we won’t ever have that connection like I do with other characters, these last 2 episodes he has really made some great strides and willingness to put his life on the line at that. He is smart and quick witted without the smart chip - this suits him better. Not just because he is doing what I want, but because he is himself with his memories.

Unnichan: Look, Circulate, has disappeared and lawdy, lawdy, that is screwing this world up big time. I am also glad Ho Soo seems to be on board and he has logical basis for it all. I appreciate that it’s not just for himself either, like his motives were before. It reminds me of what Min Young said in 2017 when Woo Jin suggested stepping away. Her first response was “Is that what Bum Gyun wanted? Did he ask for that?” Autonomy is a huge factor in this mess, whether with the twins, Smart Earth or HYJ-everytimeperiod. Ho Soo’s plan was smart and it worked and I like that he is getting close to our guys and wants his memories returned to him regardless of what happens. I think that once you can identify and accept certain things about yourself, no matter how painful it is or was, you want to keep it. Because those things are apart of who you are. Like Woo Jin and his mother’s face. Ho Soo forgetting his fiancee helped him with the pain but he also forgot her pain and what caused it, not to mention his love for her. Everything overlaps and it’s hard to want to rid your life of one without sacrificing the other.

E-Kun: *Snap Snap* Say it UC! Well, next week is the finale and I am on tiptoe anticipation. I think this is one of the first shows this year where I am not sure how it will end and I am ok with that. All I really want is for Bum Gyun to see Woo Jin again.

Unnichan: That would be nice. I’m not looking for a happy ending, or even a resolution to everything but some answers to pertinent questions would be greatly appreciated Show! And can everyone who is still alive just move to Normal Earth and breathe smog for the rest of their lives please? Thanks.


Circle: Two Worlds Connected

Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Gong Seung Yeon

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