Hey Circle Clubbers! I think it's safe to say, three full weeks into our story that this show is consistent in doing at least 3 things: (1)Finding a way to make everyone inherently suspicious. (2)Answering a few questions, while creating just as many (if not more) new ones. (3)Dropping one big plausible reveal. Circle:Two Worlds Connected is no where near tipping it's entire hand, nor is anyone walking away without a little blood or bug on them. The theories keep mounting and now that the keychain has been shattered and some old photos have been uncovered, getting at the truth may involve more than the Kim brothers had imagined.  Join Akua, E-kun and I as we share our ideas and angst, then jump down to the comments and give us your thoughts!

Akua: Boom. Boom. Boom! Let’s just get into it. Can we? Can we? Can we just lay it all out on the table tho? Woo Jin could be the Chairperson?! Omo omo omo Whaaaaaaaaaat? I guess it makes sense because the loss of his brother, disappearance of his dad and Byul could have been so traumatic that he decided to remove his memories; especially given what he said to the Professor? Right?

Unnichan: I think given what we know from the start, the research that is now Human B most likely has Kim Woo Jin’s hands all over it but I’m not sure in what capacity. Like you said, he could have inserted the chip, done all that but that would kind of reset him in a way and I’m not certain that works with what we have before us. When the show began, I initially assumed the Chairman was Bum Gyun, then ep5 happened and I said maybe it’s Woo Jin. However, now that we’ve met all of our players save the Chairman, especially Mr. Ministry of Science and Economy, Park Dong Gun and everyone is pointing fingers at Woo Jin, I’m less inclined to believe it’s him. Something is just fishy there and I don’t want to accuse until I’m sure.

E-Kun: Exactly. Is it in the realm of possibility? Absolutely, but my money is still on Professor Daddy or now Woo Jin and Bum Gyun’s daddy. When they explained his disappearance, I found it odd that he had not returned. Now, we know that he was working with Prof Daddy on some super secret project that everyone is hiding in 2017. The thing with Woo Jin being the Chairman is that I don’t think he would reset his own memories - I think he has characteristics that he can easily pull mind over matter and do what he has to do. Is he liable to fall under his own weakness from time to time? Yes, but I think his will power is on another level for so many reasons. 

Akua: I love how this show drips clues for us. Every week I feel like I’m getting closer to solving the mystery and then it totally unravels (smile). I don’t like it when I can predict the plot line so I enjoy how they keep us in suspense. My heart goes out to Bum Gyun 2037. With every passing moment we see his desperation to not only recover his memories but recover his family. I can’t imagine what it’s like to wake up with no memories and have to piece together some semblance of normalcy. I can feel his anxiety and stress levels ratcheting up. In fact, the stress levels of all our main characters from Bum Gyun to So Hoo to the Mayor to Minister Dong Gun are skyrocketing. I feel as if something is going to crack very soon.

Unnichan: In regards to Minister Dong Gun, I think we might have to take our cue from HJY-2037 and not trust that man. It’s crazy because I want to. He seems to be genuinely concerned and relieved to meet both boys, whether in our present or the future, because he clearly had great regard for their father but I just don’t know. He could be faking and could be the Chairman. Or he might be trying to infiltrate and find out what they know or don’t, in order to push his own agenda. I will, concede that his suspiciousness could all be based in his knowledge and whatever secrets he and Doctor Daddy (Kim Gyu Chul) had but until we know, I will continue to give him side-eye. Bum Gyun is to me, the most pitiable character, outside of HYJ-everytimeperiod because he’s lost so much and there is no guarantee he’s ever going to recover any of it. But Ho Soo and I… I just can’t understand his logic. Not when it comes to Bluebird. His “confrontation” with HYJ-2037 set my brain ablaze.

Eboni: It really does seem like Bum Gyun is getting the short end of the stick in this equation. Not only has he lost his memories, his has lost family, Woo Jin in particular, and the only thing he can do is take his cues from Woo Jin’s memories. But I also question: where did those memories come from? I mean, is it something like as soon as the chip is inserted, it not only records your current memories, it pulls your past as well? Let me tell you how much I am not for Ho soo… TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MUCH! It is one thing for you to want to block your own memories because you can’t deal, but the fact that you are trying to subject everyone to your punk a** way of thinking is a mess. I understand the trauma you went through seeing the woman you love hanging in such a way, but do you think she would want you to live your life like this? In constant fear and paranoia? Well, perhaps that is not the best cue considering what was up with her, but still. And I agree Unni - I want to trust Dong Gun, but something in me keeps giving him the side eye. I will continue to give it to him until things come about.

 Akua: You’re right, Unnichan. We can’t make any assumptions about anyone. I mean is Bum Gyun really Bum Gyun? Is he experiencing a real memory or has he watched the memories so much that it’s a part of him? I can’t trust anything really. Well, maybe I can trust that Doctor Daddy is a bad man! Even HYJ-2037 is having issues with her own self! Yo, Eboni! Talk about it! Ho Soo is just unhinged right now. He needs more therapy. Erasing the memories doesn’t make it better. What makes it better is processing the memories, the pain, the emotions and growing through that. What Human B is doing is taking away everyone’s option to be human!

Unnichan: Exactly. At this point we can watch and wait and tentatively believe what we see. But one big thing right now is that Doctor Daddy is involved in this as well. We just don’t know how. He disappeared after or as we was delivering HYJ-2007, did he really abandon his kids or was he detained [read: killed, abducted]? Is he the person that messed everything up? Is he to blame for HJY-2017 having no memories? It seems as though there are so many hands in the cookie jar, we don’t know who stole one. Professor has HJY-2017, he’s pretended to be her father to keep her close in hopes she regains her memories but he’s not the one who caused the problem in the first place and he doesn’t seem to know why or when it happened. I like that this show is called Circle because, though I don’t believe we’re going in circles, the point is that everything is connected and overlaps. And Show is staying true to the concept that there’s no real beginning, we just start. Because while the boys’ first meeting with HJY-2007 seemed to be the opening, Daddy most likely knew, who, what and where she came from. That was no coincidence. Just makes me wonder if bringing her home was a mistake.

E-Kun: I was just thinking the same thing - that Daddy probably knew what HJY-2007 is/was when his boys encountered her. Though, there is a small part of me that is reluctant about daddy. I don’t want to think that he is allowing his sons to be manipulated and trifled with all in the name of science. Have stranger more horrific things happened? Duh! But I just don’t think he would be down for subjecting the, to this particular type of thing - like knowing Bum Gyun was imprisoned and drugged in 2017. The name of this game is definitely “Trust no one”. 

Akua: I love that “trust no one”. What did happen to Daddy Doctor? Why did he leave his two sons? I want to know more about the other girl who believes in Bum Gyun. Where is she in 2037? And who is the Dr. helping out Bum Gyun who had her chip taken out? What’s her history? Where has HJY-2037 been all these years? Isn’t it interesting the dynamics between the Minister and Hyun-Seok as well? How did Hyun-Seok get to where he is now? Every character brings something unique to the table!

Unnichan: As far as Min Young is concerned, she is the doctor. Not only did Joon Hyuk refer to her as Min Young, Dong Soo and Hyuk Soo had a little discussion about the “status” of their relationship. Which was comical because Hyuk Soo is mighty curious about both women and how Joon Hyuk has time to have an “It’s complicated” stamp with both of them. Also Min Young tells Woo Jin and Detective Hong she is a med student in 2017. Everything else, is still a huge mystery in many ways. Right now, I’m most interested in the Minister, Doctor Daddy and Eun Sang Hospital, plus, whether Ho Soo is going to truly go off the deep end and become a full-blown villain. Looks to me like he wants to. And while I don’t care for his stance, especially when he’s spouting off about rights and things, I don’t mind that he’s made a choice and is active in achieving a goal. He’d make a proper, insane Two-Face type villain.

Eboni: He is active alright - and it is actively tap dancing on my last good nerve. While I am not flipping cartwheels over his decision to live in fear, I cannot cast stones (hard ones) at him unless he is infringing on others and their choices. Which, in some ways, he is. After these last 2 episodes, I am very curious as to the whereabouts of their father. This Chairman has to be someone familiar with these boys - why else would they keep this picture of the 2 of them? I just love how show gives me enough but leaves me with questions at the same time - without this balance I can become bored or frustrated!  

Akua: Oooooh so it’s THAT one! All cleared up - Min Young 2037 is the one who was running around looking cray-cray in 2007. Got it got it! I wonder if the Chairman is Doctor Daddy? Who knows who the Chairman is? And is the Chairman bad or not? Is the Chairman also Human B? I’m very interested in the Mayor’s position too. Is he someone from the past who is linked to the twins? He seems to care about the citizens of Smart Earth. Does he have something sinister up his sleeve as well or is he bluffing?

Unnichan: All these questions. All these questions. Don’t think I’ve had this many since Lost. The difference being I have a whole lot more faith in this show to answer them. At the end of the day, all I need is for my eyes to stay dry. That moment with the boys and the Blood Donor van almost had me though. Show.... I need you to hear me on this.

E-Kun: I cannot believe you mentioned Lost! Girl! But you are right - we don’t need anymore Blood Donor Van moments, but it is coming. Best to prep now than be in the street like a 50 cents crack ho later.

Akua: What was really going on in that van? Oh my gosh, were they inserting the robotic bug then? Aaaaaaaack! Can’t wait for next week ladies! And Eboni - #donewithyou LOL

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