Zombie fever has swept Japan, and it seems that the city of Osaka has been hit the hardest. For the few weeks around  Halloween, thousands of Osaka zombies are terrorizing residents and visitors alike, randomly showing up en masse in theme parks, department stores, and on the street, and the zombies aren't just playing around.

These zombies won't be posing for pictures with you, no matter how politely you ask them. Osaka, the third largest city in Japan behind Tokyo and Yokohama in terms of human population, is no doubt the most populous in terms of zombies. Starting with Universal Studios Japan (USJ), the Halloween events in Osaka are taking zombie infestation to another level. Visitors to USJ can expect to suddenly be swarmed by hundreds of zombies, all made up by professional special effects makeup artists, and they are totally in character. Visitors with sensitive children should consider not visiting the park after dark, as voices of crying kids can be heard all over. 

Residents of Osaka are not spared the horror of these zombies just because they stay away from the popular theme park. Other events throughout the city are planned for the next few days where zombies will suddenly show up in shopping malls and the streets to terrorize unsuspecting passers-by. 

And you don't have to be some kind of professional zombie to take part. Professional makeup teams are on standby, offering their services to anyone who wants to be dead so that they can run around the city as a zombie with thousands of others.

Osaka has three more nights until Halloween. Residents are advised to stay inside...

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