tumblr_mi6lkptDp71qa42jro1_500 The world-famous photographer of the moment has set his lens on CL and fashion designer Jeremy Scott. If you don't know Terry Richardson, he has shot high profile celebrities (even President Barack Obama!) and photo campaigns for major fashion houses like YSL, Marc Jacobs and major publications like Rolling Stone Magazine, Vanity Fair and Vogue. Perhaps you might recall him from his "Cat Daddy" video with hot girl of the moment, Kate Upton. Needless to say, the sexualized nature of his work has made him a controversial artist. So when hallyu fans saw the two together at NY Fashion Week, there was genuine concern for the Korean pop star being creeped on. But netizens need not worry, Terry Richardson shot the two artists in his famed studio fully clothed! Jeremy Scott posted behind-the-scenes shots of the talented trio on his instagram account: 686961f07a2d11e292fc22000a1f9806_7 VpX6cX4 acff50d67a2d11e282e022000a1fbc68_6 A Terry Richardson shot of CL at Jeremy Scott's show during New York Fashion Week: tumblr_mi6ll7ZTfd1qa42jro1_500 Creepy or not, being shot by Terry Richardson is an honor. Were netizens being too worried?