The hip-est 2NE1 member has finally joined instagram! And Big Bang's Taeyang uploaded a photo with CL taken backstage with the caption: "Behind the scene @chaelin_cl" CL's first post, a black and white shot of herself chilling on a couch, was uploaded approximately eleven hours ago followed by a silly face shot with Taeyang. She also uploaded a photo of her rolex and a chanel wristband and commented "ALL GOLD IN MY..."  to show her obsession with gold tones which is justified in her next shot: The latest post on her first day on instagram, was a shot of from her recent shoot with Ketchup magazine. The gold accents are obvious to mirror CL's taste and she is donning none other than good friend and famous American fashion designer Jeremy Scott's work: It 's her first day on the social media platform and she's already got 57,ooo followers and counting. It's cute to see our favorite stars getting along and taking silly pictures together. Can you think of  your favorite  stars posing together? Do share with us your favorite moments captured!