In the December Allure, model and actress Clara looks just about as glamorous as a human being can look without getting confused for a magical, superhero princess. Of course the stunning actress is always a bombshell, but this time she reaches new levels of beauty royalty. The pictures from the shoot feature Clara in sparkling and elegant makeup.

In every photo, she uses just the right amount of lipstick to accentuate her face with a pop of color. With her gorgeous eyes and full hair dominating each pic, this might be the model's best shoot yet. It's no wonder she made an appearance at this year's Style Icon Awards. Clara had a great 2013 appearing in Reckless Family and Goddess of Marriage. Check out the amazing photos of the actress!

Perfect eye shadow and light rose lipstick.

Here bronzer highlights her inviting pink lipstick.

Sporting a diamond ring and white gold earrings.