A highly successful melodrama, Loving You a Thousand Times broke almost 30% ratings during its run. Propelled by its unusual plot and endearing actors, this hit weekend drama stars Lee Soo Kyung of cult hit Soulmate and Jung Kyeo-woon of Hateful But Once Again. Ryu Jin of Capital Scandal and Super Junior's Heechul co-star in the story of a young woman who becomes a surrogate for a childless couple, then falls for the husband's half-brother. Go Eun Nim (played by Lee Soo Kyung) is desperate. Struggling to support her poor family and sick father while studying to become a teacher, she's running out of options. When a wealthy family offers her a position a surrogate mother to the child they hope to have, she reluctantly accepts. Baek Sae Hoon (Ryu Jin) is the oldest son of the Hoon family and stands to receive all the family inheritance. He and his wife are desperate to conceive and fulfill their family duties, but have been unsuccessful, so they resort to surrogacy. Sae Hoon's younger brother Baek Kang Ho, meanwhile, is the bastard child of an affair their father had, and his stepmother despises him as a result. When Eun Nim signs up for surrogacy, she thinks that she has everything under control - but unexpectedly she and Kang Ho begin to fall in love. Meanwhile, Sae Hoon is having an affair with a co-worker without his wife's knowledge... Watch LOVING YOU A THOUSAND TIMES on DramaFever!