[caption id="attachment_5912" align="alignleft" width="317" caption="Horan"][/caption] Horan, the female voice of the popular experimental music group Clazziquai, wowed reporters at a press conference for My Country Calls, the new rom-com that will be her acting debut with a shall we say distracting wardrobe choice. You can see the outfit for yourself here, and just to show that this is an equal-opportunity report, here are some photos from Park Shi Hoo's recent fan meeting. One kind of stands out from the others, don't you think? Coffee House, the upcoming romance starring Kang Ji Hwan as a blockbuster novelist, just released its first trailer. It hasn't been translated yet, but you can check it out here to get an idea of the light-hearted mood of the show. Kim Hyun Joong is rumored to have conducted secret meetings ahead to his contract with SS501 expiring in June. While his future with the group is uncertain, one thing is for sure: everybody wants him as a roommate! Executives are now deciding whether or not to give Personal Taste a four-episode extension. Complicating matters is the fact that co-star Kim Ji Suk has a date with the military just four days after the series is supposed to conclude. After seeing Shutter Island, I can totally believe that Personal Taste's Lee Min Ho has more Facebook friends than Leonardo DiCaprio! And finally, just one more bit of Lee Min Ho-related news: the guy really loves his refrigerator full of banana milk!