Cleaning sucks. At least that's what most people think, including me. There's nothing fun about it; it's just one of those things you have to do unless you want to live like a slob. To make the boring act of cleaning as fun as can be, a Japanese company invented the Penguin Cleaner, so when you're cleaning the dust off your hardwood floor, you can watch a cute little penguin gliding across the room.

I don't know how many of you saw the amazing documentary film Flight of the Penguins, but it will show you how cute, tough, sweet, and loving penguins really are. They'll find a special mate amongst a million other penguins, stay loyal to each other, and risk their lives rearing their offspring in the most freezing, brutal of environments. And to top it all off, they look pretty cute when they're walking and gliding across the Antarctic ice.

And now thanks to this new Penguin Floor Wiper, you can spend time with this special creature when you tidy up your apartment. By using this special wiper, you can clean and watch your penguin slide across your floor as if he/she was playing on the ice. The more you want your penguin to have fun, the more you'll clean, and the more you clean...

The penguin is useful in many ways. The extra sheets for your wiper, which are replaceable, are stored in his/her stomach, so when you need a new sheet, your penguin will have one ready for you. This cute penguin cover can also be used as a tissue dispenser. But when in tissue dispenser mode, the penguin can't clean your floors. Whatever your penguin's doing, whether it be wiping dust off your floor or providing tissues, your apartment and your life will probably feel a little brighter.

Available on for about 3300 yen, or about 35 dollars.

Hello there

Sheet pack is in the penguin's stomach!

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Wiping stick gores right through

Getting the floor clean and having fun

Tissues, anyone?