Now that the trapped Russian research ship and the Chinese rescue vessel have both broken free of Antarctic ice, we are facing another threat from Antarctica. A giant iceberg the size of Singapore broke off from Antarctica less than two months ago and its movement may ultimately threaten northern shipping lines.

The iceberg broke off the Pine Island Glacier in November 2013, and it is the size of 700 square kilometers (or 270 square miles.) It is equivalent to the size of the island country of Singapore and twice the size of the city of Atlanta.

Here are the amazing photos taken by NASA's Earth Observatory showing how it looked just two weeks before the break off, and then two weeks later.

According to Robert Marsh, a scientist at the University of Southampton in England, "An iceberg that size could survive for a year or longer and it could drift a long way north in that time and end up in the vicinity of world shipping lanes in the Southern Ocean."

In other words, it is coming sooner or later, even if by iceberg speed, and it could threaten ocean shipping.

It is not too soon to be prepared for the threat. Our beloved Asian dramas come to mind, and I plan to start a few marathon watches, just in case!