CNBlue's Kang Min Hyuk was called out for being pretentious by his bandmate, Jung Yong Hwa. On an episode of Go Show that aired yesterday, Yong Hwa said: “Min Hyuk is cute yet pretentious. We once saw the movie Silenced [a movie based on the novel of the same title, written by Gong Ji Young]. Then he said he is a big fan of writer Gong Ji Young’s, so I asked him what is his favorite among the writer’s work, and he said, ‘My head has just blacked out.’” To add on, he said: “The next day, a package was delivered by a courier. I opened it and found about a dozen of books by Gong Ji Young. I asked him what these books are for and he said, ‘I placed an order to read them again.’”
When emcees asked Min Hyuk what is the book by Gong that he read most recently, the CNBlue cutie was embarrassed.
What do you think? Is Min Hyuk pretentious? Or did he really just want to read those books again?