Last night, Mnet America brought Korean rock/pop boy band CNBlue to New York City for their first American stop on the Blue Moon World Tour. I was incredibly lucky enough to go and see some of my favorite K-drama actors, Jung Yong Hwa from You're Beautiful, Kang Min Hyuk from Heirs, Lee Jung Shin from The Sword and the Flower, and Lee Jong Hyun from A Gentleman's Dignity, perform one of the best concerts I have ever attended. I was completely blown away at CNBlue's performance, and it was truly a night to remember!

Full disclosure: Before the show I mostly knew about CNBlue because of its member's roles in K-dramas, so I really didn't have any idea what insanely talented musicians they all are. I could never have imagined how much fun I would have, and now you can count me as one serious BOICE!

Here are some of the most beautiful moments for each CNBlue member from the show:

Jung Yong Hwa

As the leader of CNBlue, Jung Yong Hwa is a natural scene stealer. His energy and enthusiasm while on stage is through the roof! It was totally apparent the he loves what he does and wanted to show his fans a great night. Jung Yong Hwa even took the time and effort to speak to the crowd in flawless English. He expressed how excited he was to visit New York City for the first time, saying that it is the center of the world and even singing a little rendition of Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind." He thanked everyone for wading through the snow storm to be there with them (like we'd ever let snow stop us!) and pumped up the crowd by asking us if we were excited to be there. His smile is impossible to resist, and he flashed it at us throughout the night, a genuine sign that he absolutely loves to perform and make all the BOICES (the official name of CNBlue's fans) happy.

Getting a little flirt on with the crowd!

Endless energy jumping around the stage.

His voice gets me pumped up and melts me at the same time (not sure how that is even possible).

Watch out for that killer stare!

Such a talented guitarist and singer in addition to fantastic actor.

His energy never stopped throughout the incredible set." target="_blank">Rain is back! Watch his hilarious return on 2 Days 1 Night!

Kang Min Hyuk

Kang Min Hyuk was the biggest surprise of the night for me. Until last night, I only really knew him as the adorable, sweet Yoon Chan Young in Heirs, but after last night, I realized there is so much more to him! He is one of the most talented drummers I have ever seen and he kept the beat going strong throughout the whole night. Gone was the sweet grin I knew, and in its place was a determined, serious face of only someone so caught up in a perfect performance. It was a little hard to enjoy his presence because he sat far back as the drummer, but I tried my best to capture his greatest moments throughout the night.

This is the look of pure concentration.

He must seriously have arms of steel because he never paused for a break the whole night, except for about two minutes half way through to wipe the sweat off his face.

Not to mention the fact that he often sang backup at the same time. Impressive!

I finally got a glimpse of his adorable face as he exited the stage and threw one of his drum sticks to a very lucky fan.

Awww! He's the cutest.

Lee Jung Shin

Lee Jung Shin shook the house with his rockin' bass playing and legit rapping skills. He is another CNBlue member who just can't stop smiling at the crowd. He and Jung Yong Hwa had amazing chemistry as they jammed together, amping each other up.

Getting the crowd all riled up.

Wooing the BOICES with his voice.

You can't stop this duo!

Truly a talented bassist and singer/rapper.

You simply can't resist his mysterious charm, so don't even try.

Lee Jong Hyun

I saved the best for last with guitarist and singer Lee Jong Hyun (ok, maybe he's my new bias, don't fangirl attack me). Lee Jong Hyun may have spent a lot of time on the side of the stage, but this does not mean he's a side show. He managed to captivate the crowd with his smooth voice and guitar playing magic. In my opinion, he's also the prettiest member of CNBlue, so I may have spent just a little too much time trying to capture his beautiful face.

OH MY HEART! That smile…

And that profile.

And I guess you could also focus on those guitar skills.

He does know how to jam.

And his voice is as smooth as melted chocolate.

As you can see, it was a beautiful night and a fun time was had by all.

And I was particularly impressed with the fans who were totally respectful and showed their intense love for CNBlue with all their little BOICE hearts.

CNBlue is now moving on to their second American stop in Los Angeles, California, but they promised they would be back to NYC soon. I, for one, will be the first in line. I'm so happy that Mnet America brought them here for us to enjoy their incredible talent!

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