Recently on the 18th, the members of CNBLUE put on their ‘Blue Storm‘ concert at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. It was their first performance in Korea in ten  months, and they proved that they’ve definitely grown as artists in that time.

The group’s performance was highly energetic, and the boys devoted the show completely to their fans. It did not take long for them to show the audience that they had acquired much experience and learned a lot in the time they were away, performing overseas.

They started off the concert off with “Intuition“, followed by “Ready and Go“, “Voice“, and without missing a beat, continued with “Love Girl“, “Love Revolution“, “Sweet Holiday“, etc. Fans were on their feet for the majority of the concert as the upbeat music continued without long breaks in between.

CNBLUE’s acoustic performance as well as the additional orchestra that was present proved that the group had further sharpened their musical talents. Songs like “Why Why“, “Don’t Say Goodbye“, “Love rides the rain“, and “Because I Miss You” were newly edited and performed for their fans.

They also sang some of their indies title tracks off their Japanese album such as “Lie“, and “Just Please” as a treat for their Japanese fans who crossed over to Korea to see them perform. They ended their performance with a re-vamped rock version of the smooth love song, “Love Light“.

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