Orange Marmalade star Jong Hyun's cauliflower ear compelled him to go under the knife.

On yesterday's episode of the KBS 2TV‘s variety program Our Neighborhood Sports, the show decided to focus on judo. Jong Hyun took on the role of instructor based on his experience with martial arts.  “During middle school until my first year of high school, I did judo, " he explained.

He evened admitted that he had plastic surgery on his ear because the repeated blows developed into cauliflower ear: "I exercised while dreaming of medals. In middle school, I even got a gold medal after only six months of training. I got a cauliflower ear while I was training. It was a bit severe, so I had some of it removed.”

Despite that one procedure, the "Cinderella" singer insists that he is all natural. Honestly, I didn't know much about cauliflower ear until recently. The way it forms is very surprising. Nonetheless, it's great to see the CNBlue member being completely honest with his fans about cosmetic work he had done.

Are you overjoyed to know that another idol is naturally handsome? 

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Watch the first episode now:

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