On March 5, Lee Jonghyun's new OCN series, Evergreen, premieres. In this new rom-com, Jonghyun plays the perfect man, Dr. Oh Soo. The promising engineer and cafe owner accidentally falls in love with a heartbroken police officer (actress Kim So Eun) after magically matchmaking so many other couples. We may already know everything about his future K-drama role, but what do we know about singer and actor Lee Jonghyun? It's time to learn more about the actor behind Oh Soo.

1. He's a divorced man, even if it is only pretend.

The CNBlue vocalist virtually married actress Gong Seung Yeon in 2015 on MBC reality variety series We Got Married. Unfortunately, WGM ended its four season run in March 2017. They reunited as a couple in the 2017 Netflix series My Only Love Song.

2. Jonghyun was a famous ulzzang during his pre-debut days.

The 27 year-old idol was included in a BESTNINE Ulzzang (aka best face) publication alongside fellow member Jung Yong Hwa. He has continued to melt hearts with his handsome face ever since.

3. He's a cat lover.

During the past year, the famous animal lover has placed a spotlight on his precious new cat, Blue, via social media.

4. The idol sang a duet with fellow idol Juniel and played her love interest in the "Love Falls" music video.

When they were still labelmates under FNC Entertainment, the two talented vocalists teamed up for the holiday romance song, "Love Falls". The sweet single was part of FNC’s 2013 seasonal project album, Romantic J. They made such a cute couple!

5. Jonghyun's home is probably cleaner than yours, and he cooks!

During a 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Jonghyun opened up about how he prefers his home to be. "For a man who lives alone, I am a tidy and neat style. Whoever comes to my house will say 'Wow', that’s how he decorated everything. I’m also good at cooking."

6. He was supposed to be in the Answer Me series.

Jonghyun disclosed during a drama promo interview that he could have been a star in the iconic tvN K-drama trilogy. “To tell the truth, there were talks of me being cast for Answer Me 1997 and Answer Me 1994, but because the dates overlapped with the CNBLUE tour and it would be too much pressure on myself, I let it go even though they were great opportunities. It hurts to think back on it, but it’s [in] the past. [The Answer Me dramas] did well because those actors were in it," he explained.

7. Jonghyun is a lyricist!

Besides being a vocalist and musician in CNBlue, he's also written the lyrics to some of their songs. He wrote the songs "Hero", "Footsteps", "Drunken Night" and "When I Was Young".

8. He's a big fan of philosophy.

During the same 2015 Cosmopolitan interview, the popular idol admitted that he loved reading philosophy books. Karl Marx is one of his favorites, and he admires the leadership qualities of the late Gandhi and Che Guevara.

We are more than ready to watch this young entertainment veteran on the small screen. March 5 can't come soon enough! Let's enjoy his other K-dramas A Gentleman's Dignity and Orange Marmalade while we wait for the premiere of Evergreen next month!

Which Lee Jonghyun fact surprised you the most?

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