Apparently even idols get starstruck. Proving once again that he is the most adorable human being alive, CNBLUE drummer and actor Kang Min Hyuk recently had a shy fanboy moment when he had a chance to speak with School 2015 actress Kim So Hyun.

Kang Min Hyuk appeared on the MBC radio show I Live Alone on June 26, and when Jun Hyun Moo asked him about his ideal type, the idol-actor responded, "These days, I find Kim So Hyun really pretty." It was an especially interesting response because Kang Min Hyuk was originally offered the male lead role in School 2015, so he almost ended up as Kim So Hyun's costar. (For those who are curious about the age difference, he turns 24 this weekend, and she turned 16 a couple of weeks ago, so that ship is definitely not sailing anywhere for the next few years.)

Well, he got more than he bargained for because Kim Kwang Kyu just so happened to have Kim So Hyun's number handy in his cell phone! Of course, he immediately whipped out his phone to call her as poor Min Hyuk laughed nervously. 

Min Hyuk finally managed to say, "This is CNBLUE's drummer, Min Hyuk. I'm a fan, so Kwang Kyu called you for me. I saw you a couple times in passing, but was unable to greet you." They managed to chat just for a moment before she said she was filming a drama and had to go. You can watch the full segment below:

 Can you imagine being Kim So Hyun and suddenly getting a call from Min Hyuk? I would probably faint on the spot!

You can see the talented Kim So Hyun in the role that won everyone's hearts in School 2015 below: