It's official! Jung Yong Hwa will be releasing his first solo album later this year. As you know, besides being a really great actor in dramas like You're Beautiful and Heartstrings, Yong Hwa is the leader of the idol rock band CNBLUE. 

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Now, according to his company FNC Entertainment, Yong Hwa produced the album himself, and Yong Hwa stated that not only will there be a solo concert, but a possible world tour! Now, I know in K-Land a "world tour" usually just means the rest of Asia, but this is FNC! When FNC does a world tour, they literally go to other parts of the world. Remember, just a few months back CNBLUE was rocking out here in the states, so keep your fingers crossed!

Imagine what the album packaging will look like! Even though CNBLUE is awesome, how excited are you to have Yong Hwa's voice all to yourself?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE