Park Si Yeon and her fellow Last Knights co-star Clive Owen seem to be the best of friends!

The Greatest Marriage actress and actor Clive Owen were seen posing together for friendly photo behind the scenes of her very first Hollywood movie. They were all smiles as they placed one arm around each other for the recently released image.

In their film Last Knights, Owen stars as Commander Raiden, while Park portrays wealthy royal Auguste's daughter Hannah. Her father in the movie is veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki. The entire movie is about warriors dedicated to getting revenge on a corrupt minister for their late master. It also stars Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman.

Today is opening day for Park Si Yeon's action film in South Korea. It had a limited release in the USA in April. Last week, Park and her husband, Park Sang Hyun, announced that they were expecting their second child. She is currently seven months pregnant, and the new baby will join their older sister, who was born in 2013. 

Park debuted in her first Hollywood movie, and baby number two is on the way! The year 2015 is shaping up to be a great one for the 37-year-old star. Plus, we still have a little over three months left!

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