The coffee scene in South Korea is huge, which we all know as DramaFever viewers. South Korea is home to the third largest number of Starbucks after the U.S. and Japan. The first location was opened in Ewha Women's University on July 27th 1999. Of the numerous Starbucks in Korea, there is only one spelled out in Korean, unlike most countries in the world. Starbucks Korea recently launched an organic green latte made from green tea flown in from Jeju Island, so they've added delicious-looking green tea-based beverages to the menu. Here are some picks of decadent and delicious beverages and treats you can have ONLY if you visit Starbucks Korea: Let's start off with this adorable plain cheese cake with two tiny cups as decor: 20111006225817931 Could you have even imagined finding sweet potato cakes in a Starbucks? Well, you can find them in Starbucks Korea: sweetpotatocake How about some Red Bean Green Tea Roll? 20120611213547286 OK, now I'm a little thirsty. Looking for something warm for a cold day? How about the Jeju Island-grown Soy Green Tea Latte: 20121228165912080 Maybe something cooler? How about some refreshing Iced Espresso Shot Green Tea Latte to wake up you this afternoon? starbbuckskr Yes, the Starbucks in Korea serves your beverages in real mugs and glasses! Not a green tea lover? Iced Cocoa Cappuccino sounds pretty delicious too: 20110403161914384 Or an Espresso Con Panna: 20110404001816806 Starbucks Korea also has a brunch menu, and they serve... soup! The brunch menu serves basic sandwiches you could find in your local Starbucks but I never thought I would be able to order soup from Starbucks. Feel free to take your pick from the classic mushroom soup, the broccoli cheese soup or the clam chowder: 20120308204159088 brocheese 20120308204939098 Just looking to snack on something healthy? How about these cute rice chips: ricechips It looks like anything is possible to satisfy your cravings in the Starbucks of Korea. Ready for a coffee break yet? I can't decide what I want the most! What would you want to try first? (Source: