Coffee Prince is my all-time favorite drama, so it's nearly impossible for me to imagine anyone else but Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye as the drama's endearing leads. However, Chun Jung Myung, who recently starred in Heart to Heart, revealed in an interview that he was originally supposed to receive the role, and he still regrets not taking it to this day. 

Chun Jung Myung has a great relationship with the director of Heart to Heart, Lee Yoon Jung, who also directed Coffee Prince. Back in 2007, Lee Yoon Jung promised Chun Jung Myung the role of Choi Han Kyul in Coffee Prince, but Chun Jung Myung had to decline it due to a conflict with a movie he was filming at the time, Hansel and Gretel.  In the recent interview, Chun Jung Myung commented, “That is something I will regret all my life. I apologize to Gong Yoo, but I am just stating how I truly feel.”

Can you see Chun Jung Myung as Choi Han Kyul? I, for one, am happy the part went to Gong Yoo! At least Chun Jung Myung has now had his chance to work with the director on a successful drama. 

To imagine what Chun Jung Myung would have been like as Han Kyul, check out his 2006 role as an adorable noona killer on What's Up, Fox: