Yeah, no, there’s no part 2 of Coffee Prince in the works, but these photos of Gong Yoo just really, really, really make you wish there was, right?!

Recently, Gong Yoo filmed a new commercial for the coffee brand Maxim Kanu where he played the role of a hot barista. There he was with his perfectly comb-backed hair, crisp fitted white button down, and black apron tied snug around his waist making sure we can all clearly see his sexy body line.

Here, Gong Yoo is probably looking at coffee beans or something. I dunno what he's doing, but this is why a part 2 would be needed, so we can be educated on coffee making. We all need to learn about that.

I told you he was being a sexy barista. I think someone needs to go back to a certain coffee house located in Hongdae, with a certain actress whose last name rhymes with "Moon" but starts with a "Y."

Supposedly, staff members on set who were gifted with cups of the coffee Gong Yoo brewed were heard saying "This coffee is too precious to drink." Wellll, if he's looking like that pouring coffee, forget drinking it, just take pictures...lots of pictures.

After seeing these photos aren't you just dying for a part 2 of Coffee Prince, even though you know it will probably never, ever happen?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE