This just in: TEEN TOP's very own Niel now owns his very own café!

While doing an interview with the rest of the TEEN TOP members, Niel confirmed that he recently set up his own café and used his own money to do so. Now I know some of you may not think that’s a big deal but you have to think of the future. Niel for example is only 19 years old and instead of spending all his money on pointless, materialistic things, he’s investing in life after the Idol stage. #SuperResponsible

What’s even more fantastic is that the rest of TEEN TOP also have plans to open their own small businesses like restaurants, convenience stores, and gyms. This is one idol group on the path to a successful future.

See, life isn’t all about body rolls and looking good while doing them; you need to use your brain too! Way to go TEEN TOP!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE