A piece of performance art attracted a crowd of onlookers as a college girl aimed to leave 1000 hickeys on a Chinese artist's body in Hunan, China. The artist is Kang Yi and he is practically naked with some tree roots tied in his hair, both hands stretched open in a cross with roasted chickens hanging off both ends of the wooden pole and his private area. She sucks out  hundreds of hickeys on his chest, abdomen, and arms. The goal of the artist: to criticize today’s attitudes towards love that seeks only pleasure without taking responsibility. Originally she was to leave 1000 hickeys, but because the weather was too cold, they had to end it early. As an art student, she strongly supports the idea that Kang Yi wants to express, believing that people should “pursue pure love.” Kang Yi claims the tree roots on his hair represent the passage of time and the baked chicken symbolizes women, while the act of leaving hickeys is an expression of sexual/carnal desire, the entire process conveying “a criticism of the messy and twisted values toward love.” The reason for choosing to end with being splashed with water is because the weather is rather cold, “there is inevitably some reaction to contact from a female’s body,” so splashing water represents “having to make a decision between ice and fire, between desire and abstinence.” Through this piece of work, he calls for today’s young men and women to seek the true love of Chinese tradition. Onlookers did not know how to react to or receive this performance art. What do you think of Kang Yi's artistic statement? (Source: www.chinasmack.com)