If you're going to celebrate K-Pop, I can't think of a better way to do it than by making an amazing eight-minute video honoring 20 years of the music genre. Fortunately, that's exactly what these talented students from Wheaton College in Illinois did in this epic dance video. 

The video covers the history of K-Pop from 1994-2014, and shows the students playing various popular songs from that era while backing up each tune with an awesome choreographed dance. Each time a new song comes on it's marked by year and title in the corner of the video, but a fun way to watch is to see if you can guess the song and year before you look.

The performance was part of Wheaton College's Lunar New Year's Festival event and judging from the crowd response, I'm betting it certainly won't be their last. The dance is a great way to teach people who might not know about the proud and growing K-Pop genre.