Greetings, angels. Our apologies about the delay in this Drama Club release, we had unforeseen delays occur . . . that being said, tension runs high as Gi Tak and Young Soo are nearing the end of their journey and are forced to start wrapping up all of their loose ends. So join DeShonda, Marakeshsparrow and Firnlambe as they discuss what stood out the most to them during our second to the last week of Please Come Back, Mister.


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Marakeshsparrow: We’ve gotten some really strong episodes lately! I was seriously in tears within the first 15 minutes of 13. All this time I hadn’t really been liking Young Soo/Hae Joon’s storyline yet recently I’ve done a total 180. I’m really enjoying the way Young Soo is getting time to interact with his family. The moment he found Ha Na by the Ferris Wheel was magical, and when Maya granted her the ability to see him as Dad rather than Ahjusshi the waterworks really got going. What an interesting turn of events! Young Soo knew Ha Na wasn’t his biological daughter from the beginning! I’m glad Da Hye wasn’t fooling him and that he stepped into the role of father willingly. But back to the Ferris Wheel--when Ha Na said she was sorry she wasn’t his real daughter and he assured her he was so happy and proud to have her, I was dying. So dang sweet! //sniffles//

Firnlambe: yes! The fact that there was no secrets between them on her parentage was reassuring. Though I still prefer Gi Taks line, even if I'm enjoying Young Soo’s story more.

DeShonda: I have always enjoyed Young Soo/Lee Hae Joon’s storyline. Just the eagerness and determination he has to get back with his family I found interesting, even though he seemed annoying at times. I must admit I was emotional as well when he was with Ha Na at the Ferris Wheel. That entire scene was very touching and tugged at my heart. I was happy that Mya let Ha Na see her father again as well. I was hoping she would step in and make some kind of magic happen. I also was surprised that Young Soo knew that Ha Na was not his daughter. But as you mentioned, he did step up and take responsibility and love her as if she was his own.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I still enjoy Gi Tak’s storyline more because I LOVE the way Oh Yeon Soo plays Hong Dan. But I think I’d always been so annoyed by Young Soo, that I’m really enjoying the turn of the tide. One last part to gush over between YS and Fam: the scene when Da Hye met up with Hae Joon and told him she didn’t want things to go any farther between them because she loved Young Soo. That was such a bittersweet moment! I really loved his reaction. He was happy to hear that, yet sad he couldn’t be close to her in this other body. I think the whole fact that they’re going to be leaving soon really hit me in these episodes, so I was already feeling some of that loss.

Firnlambe: I just wish they hadn't waited until the second to the last week to step up the Young Soo game //sigh// but you both took the words out of my mouth. My main question now is how will they transition everyone back to heaven without massive heart break?

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing while watching these episodes as well. As their time gets closer to the end, there are going to be a lot of broken hearts and tears both from Gi Tak and Young Soo, as well as their families and loved ones. I know that I will be a an emotional wreck when these final episodes air.

Marakeshsparrow: Ugh! I don’t want to think about it! It’s going to kill me to see Hong Dan/Gi Tak go back as well! Now that they got his restaurant back, and his whole makeshift family has accepted him as “Big Sis,” and not to mention how Yi Yeon is practically ready to adopt Hong Dan as her own family--why can’t they just keep living on in these forms? Maya? Any more strings you can pull?

Firnlambe: AND to top of the heart break, Mr. Shy Bodyguard is in blatant denial that he has developed feelings more than strong loyalty towards Hong Dan. //cries// it's just unfair I tell you!

DeShonda: Well hopefully Maya will wave her magic wand or sprinkle some magic fairy dust so that we have a happy ending. This happened at the darndest time just as everyone is getting close to each other too. One thing that I also was sad about was Young Soo’s father discovering that he has Alzheimer's. I had a feeling he had some symptoms back in previous episodes. It was really sad to watch him try to hide his illness from everyone, and I don’t think Young Soo was aware of this when he was alive. But for him to find out now at this time was heartbreaking. But I was happy that he found out and he was helping him.

Marakeshsparrow: That scene with Young Soo/Hae Joon and his dad in the park was another adorable moment. I love how he was talking up his dad in front of the ladies, trying to play matchmaker--so cute! Seriously, there were some really good parts in these episodes. What about when Yi Yeon met Gi Tak/Hong Dan on the bridge? That was always been what he’d wanted to do with the woman he loved and finally he was able to. And I touched on it before but the celebration where they got Gi Tak’s restaurant back was pulling on my heart strings as well. What did you ladies think? Any other favorite Hong Dan/Gi Tak moments?

Firnlatmbe: Let's not forget the scene between Jerkface Ex and Yi Yeon. That man makes me confused. Most of the time it seems that her hates Yi Yeon but then they toss in scenes like that and I'm no longer 100% certain that he doesn't have some sort of lingering attachment.

DeShonda: I agree. I am not sure what’s up with the Jerkface Ex and Yi Yeon either. I think he just want’s control of her. It’s like “If I can’t have you, no one will” syndrome he has. He confuses me as well.

Marakeshsparrow: Jerkface. He drives me nuts. And now he seriously has to reign in Na Suk Chul, because the man has gone rogue. I mean, he kills the big boss, he abducts Hong Dan so he can find the hidden money, and now he’s out for Hae Joon? Ok...I’ve been waiting to bring it up, but I can’t quiet my curiosity anymore--what is going to happen to Hae Joon after getting hit at the crosswalk? Can he die twice? Will this instantly return him to heaven (do not pass Go, do not collect $200)? I seriously have no idea what is going to happen next.

Firnlambe: bwhahahahahaha “do not pass Go, do not collect $200” . . . Sorry . . . Seriously though, I have no idea what's going to happen. Hopefully he is able to grab his phone and hit *4 or whatever number they have to call when in trouble. If not Gi Tak will need to book it just to make it in time.

The end of our little show is in sight dear Angels. How do you think Young Soo will get out of his current predicament? Will he be able to call Maya for a last minute save? Or will his time back on earth be cut short? Let us know in the comment section below and we'll see everything concluded during the last week.

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