Greetings, and welcome to week 4. Our boys are learning more about the truth behind their deaths, and the more they learn, the more difficult things become for them. Young Soo is shown the harsh reality of what will happen if he breaks the rules, but will this be enough to keep him from dooming them both? Or will his need to prove himself to his wife drive him past the point of no return? Join DeShonda, Marakeshsparrow, and Firnlambe as we discuss everything from the laughs to the intense frustration we experienced in episodes 7 & 8 of Please Come Back, Mister.


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Firnlambe: I am so tired of Young Soo’s crap. I’m not even joking ladies . . . I don’t understand how he can’t grasp that he needs to stop what he’s been doing. He even got a glimpse of what would happen if he continued down the path he has created for himself.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG. If you didn’t say it, I was going to. Young Soo was driving me CRAZY this week. I mean I love Rain (god bless him) and I really really enjoy the moments he has with his comrade in arms (they are seriously hilarious together), but every interaction he has with his wife and family makes super frustrated. I mean, I guess he’s just being himself. Young Soo was pretty goofy and all over the place when he was alive and in his own body, but I really want him to get a grip! He’s already come dangerously close to giving the game away and Maya gave him a warning on what would happen, yet STILL he’s pushing the limit. #annoyed

DeShonda: I couldn’t agree more with you ladies. I was also getting very frustrated with Young Soo. But I was happy that Maya let him see what could happen if he continues not to follow the rules. It was very sad to see him being erased and replaced from his family, but if you don’t follow rules, unfortunately there are consequences. Maybe, now that he has gotten a glimpse of what could happen, he will adhere to Miss Maya’s rules.

Firnlambe: I think I’ve become annoyed with where we are in the story in general. I just can’t understand our leading men and their inability to process the situation they are in. Though Gi Tak is by faaaaaar the least annoying. I adore all that he is doing for Yi Yeon and the fact that he even went so far as to stage an ambush was classic! I absolutely loved their dramatic walk out, but the man seriously has issues remembering he is a “she” particularly when he is around the boys. //sigh// I just hope we get to the heart of this soon.

Marakeshsparrow: You know we’re not going to get anywhere substantial for at least several more episodes. BUT I totally agree--Gi Tak is definitely the least annoying. I actually really enjoy most parts of his story line. And I love that there are two awkward ships sailing--not only with Yi Yeon but also with Sung Jae. I’m pretty sure he has already fallen for Gi Tak’s “little sister” and I’m LOVING IT. hahaha. Also, I have to say that staged ambush was daebak. I thought they were seriously in hot water and I did a double take and had to rewind when I realized the man Jerky Model thought was Na Suk Chul was actually Gi Tak’s lackey from the restaurant. I was cackling with pleasure when I realized they’d just hired all those men to scare the crap out of the model. That seriously killed me.

DeShonda: I adore Gi Tak and his storyline a lot more as well. I really love that he protects Yi Yeon. Oh and I enjoy watching the crush Sung Jae has on Gi Tak’s “little sister” as well. I can’t wait to see what developes from those two. And the ambush was stellar! I was also fooled until I realized it was all staged. It was very fun to watch and very well played by Gi Tak.

Marakeshsparrow: I have to say though, I was a little bummed Young Soo ran out of the fashion show without taking part, but I guess it was for good reason? At least now he found the footage that proves he didn’t try to kill himself…

Firnlambe: Yeah but then he wasn’t thinking properly and was an ass about how he revealed the information to his wife . . . though I loved how he was revealing everything to the board members.

Marakeshsparrow: That’s something that continues to frustrate me as well. Aren’t the board members confused as to why this guy is so obsessed with Young Soo’s death? Every time they have a meeting that is all he talks about. Wasn’t he sent there to bring up sales?

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing. He was really obsessed with finding out the real truth of Young Soo’s death to the board members. I don’t think the board cares about his death however. So now that we know the real truth, it’s time to get back to business.

Firnlambe: Right?!?! Suddenly there is man who comes out of nowhere and is obsessing over a dead man instead of making sales better. Yet NO ONE CARES!!! Gah! So frustrating.

Marakeshsparrow: So something else we haven’t touched on yet--what did you think of Jung Ji Hoon being a total snake in the grass!!?? We all predicted last week that he wasn’t to be trusted and it looks like that proved to be true. He’s the one who behind all the sabotage Young Soo’s been up against. But now I’m also wondering if he’s really as bad as they’ve made him out to be… (LOL--I’m a flip-flopper) The only reason I say that is because they revealed so quickly and easily that he’s been the one behind this. Was he just following orders? I don’t know. I feel like the jury isn’t out on him yet (at least not for me). What do you ladies think?

Firnlambe: I still don’t trust him. Particularly after seeing him with Jerkface Ex. I don’t see him being the type to simply be used like this without doing it for a reason he would really get behind . . . like moving up the management chain or “winning back his lost love” //rolls eyes//

DeShonda: I don’t think he can be trusted as well. But I was giving him the benefit of the doubt also. I was thinking to myself that he was just doing what he was told for the same reasons you mentioned Marakeshsparrow. It was revealed rather quickly that he was behind everything from the start. But something about him is still a bit shady to me.

Marakeshsparrow: I would go with the “trying to win back lost love” motive over anything else. Which is pretty annoying, but at least a little (?) more noble than just wanting to climb the ladder or just being a creep. One part of Young Soo’s story line I did enjoy was when Da Hye pretty much pushed Ji Hoon aside to learn more of the truth behind her husband’s death. I’m glad she stood up and made his start to realize that she’s not interested in him. Because the way he chases her around does get under my skin.

Firnlambe: Agreed. Another female I was proud of was Yi Yeon. When she stood up to the chairman and turned down all of that money, just to make sure her son didn’t grow up like his Jerkface of a father, I got some serious feels for her. At least she has Gi Tak’s home to live at . . . . though I’m not quite sure how it still has power. Who’s been paying those bills I wonder.

Marakeshsparrow: Yessss. I’m super proud of Yi Yeon. She is proving to be quite the fierce super woman! No wonder Gi Tak cares for her the way he (she, lol) does. I’m so glad she stood up to her Ex and also the president when he wanted to take her son away from her. As she said, she could have lived her life comfortably with the amount offered, but she doesn’t want her little boy (who is super sweet and adorable) to grow up like his father in a house without love. High Fives all around for Team Yi Yeon/Gi Tak!

DeShonda: Yi Yeon was awesome in these episodes. Just as you ladies mentioned, I too was happy that she stood up for herself and her son. I was hoping that she would give her Ex a piece of her mind. I admire her strength for doing that in order to protect her son.

Well . . . our dead adorkable men are bound to run into massive trouble soon. Is it finally Gi Tak's turn to tempt the fates and push the bounds of his second chance? Maybe Young Soo will tone it back and successfully woo his own wife. Or will the real Hae Joon finally get off of his lone island much sooner than Maya expected, only to return and find his life in shambles. Stick around for week 5 and leave your theories in the comment section below, we love to see how other Angels are handing the current situation.

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